A Few Grouped Rhymes…

by May 16, 2003Stories


More fair than thoughts of mortal men,
In Golden Wood, in Lorien,
Galadriel, the Lady bright,
Shining like the morning’s light,
In Elvendom, through forest glen.


Wizard’s army comes,
Hear there pounding drums,
Night closes in,
Let the battle begin! –
The dawn shall not come for some.


My heart, it yearns for battle cries,
For bloodied lands beneath the skies,
A sword to kill,
To show my skill,
But a woman in battle shall never be tried.


Two twins, two sons in Rivendell,
Where Elrond Half-elven the Healer dwells,
Elladan and Elrohir,
With Rangers roaming far and near,
Their horse’s ringing with silver bells.


Now my people sail away,
Beyond the West, beyond the day,
My father bids me too, to go,
I will remain in mortal lands though,
For with my love I’m bound to stay.


By many names in different lands,
From whistling trees to shifting sands,
My heart to the eve,
Though I know she should leave,
The Crown shall soon come to my hands.


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