A Dwarf in the War of the Ring – Chapter 2-Destruction discovered

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Lor gazed upon the gates of Moria. He was finally there and was ready to see friends he hadn’t seen for a long time. He strode proudly in.

First he walked down a flight of dark stairs holding a lit candle close to his side. Then he stumbled out into the light and saw the old bridge of Khazad-dum which he could remember crossing as a child. And although he was happy to return the caves were looking desolate, as if no one ever cared for them anymore. He crossed the bridge with caution for he had a bad feeling about these dead looking mines. He continued on through the mines but soon he reached a great flight of stairs where things looked very bad. The stairs were crumbling to bits and what was worse he now saw three goblin archers at the top of the stairs. Lor quickly hid from sight but it was to late. One of the goblins had seen him and alerted the others. The three began firing at him. He was safely behind a rock but it did not cover his whole body and the shots were getting more accurate.

Lor knew he had to act and quickly. He waited for the perfect time to act. When all three of the goblins were about to fire Lor leapt from his spot with a great battle cry in ancient dwarvish. He ran up the steps as the goblins fired many arrows at him. As he drew further to the top of the huge staircase the goblins started calling to others.

A few came quickly raising the number from three to about ten and the arrows were getting harder to dodge. Then just as he thought he wouldn’t make it to the top without being shot down another dwarf sprang from behind the goblins bringing all of them to there knees.

He ran down the stairs towards Lor grabbing him and dragging him to a concealed spot where they were surrounded by rocks and could not be seen. More goblins came in there hundreds but did not see the dwarves where they were hiding.

“Who are you and what has happened here?” Lor asked the strange dwarf

“I am Hunding, son of Lundin, and I am the only survivor in Moria. Many years ago the dwarves of Moria fell to the power of these goblins. A war had been long going on between them and us and we were set for a final battle. Balin had already fallen and we were seeking revenge for his death. Our warriors were stronger but by sheer numbers they were too much for us. No one survived, but me. Since then I have hid in the shadows, moved by the darkness, and killed goblins whenever they appeared in small groups. I have prayed for the day when more dwarves would come but I was hoping for more than one.”

Suddenly a goblin had found them and called out to others. Hunding quickly felled the goblin and emerged from the hiding spot to fight more. However when they came out they realized the enormity of the force they had to face. Goblins began rushing down the stairs and Hunding said to Lor “You must go. Tell the other dwarves about Moria. Now! Run!” Lor turned and ran down the stairs. As he reached the bottom he looked back at the swarm of goblins massing around Hunding so he kept running, over the bridge and out of Moria.

As he exited the mine he knew the goblins would pursue him and that he couldn’t stop running. In the distance he could see the woods of Lothlorien and although elves were not his favorite creatures he needed refuge and that was the only place within a days walk from where he was. He hurried down the hill as goblins started emerging from the gate. Although most of them were faster than him they were hindered by the sunlight and could not travel as well as they unusually would. Lor used this to his advantage and ran as quickly as he could towards Lorien.

When he reached the woods he ran among the trees and hid. He was closely followed by goblins that swarmed into the forest but in minutes were shot down by the arrows of hidden elves. Lor watched in relief as the goblins fell but as soon as the last one hit the ground he was also surrounded by elves with arrows fitted to their bowstrings.

“Explain yourself,” demanded the captain

“I was trying to escape the orcs when I fled to your forest,” he explained

“You will appeal your case to lord Celeborn and lady Galadriel tomorrow, until then you shall he locked up for the night.”

Lor couldn’t sleep that night, he was thinking about everything that had happened that day and what would happen if he couldn’t get back to the Lonely Mountain and tell them about Moria.

Then before going to sleep he said softly “Thank you Hunding, son of Lundin, Moria will live again thanks to you.”


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