A Dward in the War of the Ring – Chapter 3-Lothlorien

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Lor sat quietly waiting for something to happen. He had to explain why he had entered Lothlorien to the king and queen.

Haldir entered the room “Celeborn And Galadriel will see you know, come with me.” He followed Haldir up a flight of stairs to a small area surrounded by elves and in the middle was a tall elf man and the most beautiful woman Lor had ever seen.

“Who are you and why are you here?” asked the man who was obviously king Celeborn

“I was fleeing from goblins and needed refuge so I entered your woods, I have done no wrong to you or your people so give me my judgment now,”

“You are right,” said Galadriel “You are yet to do us harm and so we have no right to treat you badly. You are a guest in this land and that is how you shall be treated for as long as you wish to stay,”

“Thank you lady, I am greatly in your debt.”

So it was that a period of rest and recovery began for the dwarf Lor Brickeye. He found that his time in Lothlorien was very enjoyable and he was spending much of his time seeking the favor of the Lady Galadriel. It was only she that he ever really spoke to. But even though he avoided most of the elves and had no battles to fight he was still happy there and stayed for over a month spending his time getting to know Galadriel.

It was in the third day of the year 3019 that Haldir began to worry about how long he had stayed and how friendly he was becoming with Galadriel. So he took his concerns to lord Celeborn saying, “I am worried about that dwarf, don’t you think he has spent far to much time here already?”

“Yes, perhaps he has but he has not done anything wrong so we cannot send him away unjustly, after all dark times are upon us and the dwarves are our allies in the war against Sauron,”

“You know I worry only of the safety of Lothlorien and its people, especially the Lady Galadriel,”

“Do not worry Haldir. Our people and especially Galadriel can take care of themselves,”

“Yes sir, your right of course.”

Haldir also shared his concerns with a friend of his, a young captain by the name of Himethirion who listened to Haldir and also became very concerned for Galadriel’s well being. He began to watch Lor and whenever he spoke to Galadriel Himethirion would distract her with something else.

This began to greatly frustrate Lor who yearned for the chance to speak with Galadriel privately. He needed an idea to get her attention from everything else around her and on the twelfth of January he finally had a good plan.

Lor was dressed, packed, and ready to go when he approached Galadriel. “Lady?” he said


“I thank you for your hospitality over the time that I have stayed here but I’m afraid I must depart. But before I go I would like to talk to you about something. You have been so kind to me all this time and you are a very beautiful lady, and I was just thinking….”

He never finished because Himethirion approached Galadriel and tried to talk to her. Lor was sick of this and so he banged the bottom of his walking axe on Himethirion’s foot. Himethirion pushed Lor back and approached him again. Without thinking Lor swung his walking axe in self-defense and struck Himethirion dead.

Celeborn was quickly at the scene glaring at Lor. Then he said in a loud and commanding voice

“When you first came to my land you asked for my judgment, so I shall pass it now……… EXILE!”

All the elves around him began to whisper and look. Lor ran as fast as he could out of Lothlorien never to return.


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