A Dream – Lily’s Tale

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Here is some background on the characters Lily, Allison, and Kara: they love The Lord of the Rings, they go to the same school, and they are best friends. This is how they got into Middle-earth: Lily was playing volley ball with her friends Allison and Kara when she got hit right in the middle of her forehead and the next thing she knows she is in Middle-Earth.

Chapter 1: Familiar faces
“Sam, Sam, come quick!” yelled Frodo.”What is it Mr.Frodo?” “Look!!!!”
Three girls were lying on the cool, dry ground. One had a blue sleeveless dress on; she had straight, sort of a ginger, orangey color hair. The one next to her had on a green shoulder less dress on but, you could not tell because she had a cloak on. She had curly brown hair with just a bit of blond in it. The third one had on a crème colored dress on(it had sleeves) and she had black hair. Lily was planning on see her friends surrounded around her making sure she was alright but instead she saw nothing except a boy (or a really small man looking at her). She thought to herself “I have seen him before or I have at lease heard a description of him.” But she couldn’t replace his name. “Hello” said the small man-boy thing. Lily sat up” Hel…hello” she just realized who the man-boy thing looked like. “Frodo Baggins!!!” “Yes, that is my name- how do you know my name” asked Frodo with a suspicious face. “Well…I’ve heard of you before” replied Lily
“And what is your name” asked Sam “My name…my name is Lily”
“Who are those two” asked Frodo pointing at Allison and Kara.
Lily looked at the figure next to her” Allison!!!” then she looked to the figure lying next to Allison “Kara!!!” both of the girls woke up immediately.” where am I ” they both said at once.” You are in the Shire”
“The what?” asked Kara almost yelling.
“The Shire, have you not heard of it” said Frodo
“Ayie, but it’s…” Kara was about to finish but Lily grabbed her and Allison by the arm and took them behind a tree.


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