A Dream: Lily’s Tale-chapter 3 – Lily’s Tale-chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Celebration

“Huh…what are you talking about?” asked Lily with a confused face.” Hurry get ready there’s someone in the kitchen” replied Kara. Lily combed her hair and washed; she stuck her cloak back on and started to walk to the kitchen. When she got to the kitchen she smelled cheese, toast, and ham. She could see Allison sitting at the table eating and in the corner sitting in a chair was Kara listening to someone in a cloak. Fodo walked by and said” I’m glad you woke, it’s lunch time”. Frodo was about to walk on when Lily stopped Frodo” Frodo, who is that sitting in the corner.” “oh, that’s Gandalf”.Lily stood there stunned.”Gandalf!!!”She thought.
“Hey, Lily come over here” whispered Allison. Lily went to sit down beside Allison but, she was stopped” well hello, you must be Lily are you not” came a voice from behind her. She turned around to see Gandalf staring at her” Yes, sir…I am Lily” “well…My name is Gandalf the gray, but you can just call me Gandalf””Nice to meet you…Gandalf”.Lily ate her lunch since she got up to late for breakfast, and went to help with decorations for Bilbo’s party. Then before she knew it, it was time for Bilbo’s celebration. She went back to the room where Allison and Kara where and got Kara to put up her hair. While Kara was putting up Lily’s hair she stopped all of a sudden and said almost yelling” you…you have pointed ears”.”What did you just say” Lily heard from across the room where Allison was.” I know I know I just didn’t have the heart to tell you…please please don’t tell anyone, please”.” why did you never tell us?” “Because I was afraid to, I didn’t want anyone to know, so please don’t tell anyone”. Kara was done with the last braid when they heard Frodo call for them. Lily sat alone thinking to her self and waiting for Gandalfs fireworks, while Kara was talking to hobbits and Allison was dancing with some hobbits on the dance floor, which surprised Lily since Allison hated to dance. Lily looked over to see Bilbo tell the tale of his journey to see Smaug. Then she heard a loud bang, she looked up to see a firework that was as beautiful as a flower. She waited (it seemed forever) for the dragon firework that Gandalf would set. When it was time for Bilbo’s speech Lily sat squirming in her chair, she knew that Bilbo would disappear.

They went through the whole story about the ring and everything and they are now at bree. (This might be going really fast but the part between Bilbo’s party and Tombombadils, (I probably spelled hid name wrong), is a bit too long. This has some things from the movie)


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