A Dragon’s Tale – Lira and Sean sail for Valinor

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Lira breathed in the scent of the salt sea air. The wind blew across her face and into her flowing dark silver hair as she held onto the simple metal pole attached to the stern of the ship. Sean had done well; she had to admit. He had got a very nice boat with white sails, which he paid extra for. The twins were disappointed to see them depart, but Sean assured them that they would meet again.

Suddenly, Lira felt Sean’s arm pull her down to the deck. “I don’t want you to fall,” he told her.

“If I fall, I’ll just fly on the wings of the sea,” she answered proudly.

“Poetic,” he grinned.

“What do you want?” she asked.

He raised a hand. “Shhh! Look!”

He pointed to the stern of the ship. Several blue dolphins leapt into the air and dived back into the crystal water. Lira had never seen these beautiful creatures, but she heard many tales of them. Oh! How she longed to touch one!

“That’s it!” Lira grinned and dove off the side of the ship.


Sean leaned over the side of the ship but did not see her face. He suddenly retreated back to the helm and slowed the boat’s pace. He went to the side of the ship again but chuckled, as she all of a sudden appeared holding onto the dorsal fin of a dolphin. She was lifted high into the air and crashed back into the sea. She took the dolphin by the pectoral fins and twirled about in the water as if she were dancing. Sean’s lips curved into a smile as he watched her. She was so graceful, and seemed as she could be one of the ethereal creatures themselves. He wondered if she could have a special connection with dolphins or if she had heard about them all her life and was brave enough to swim with them. Even Sean would not dare. He loved the creatures but also respected them. They were powerful and could easily kill a human with one pound from their bottlenose. Yet, dolphins rarely ever harmed humans, but they still were to be respected with awe.

Lira finally slipped away from the dolphin’s side and swam back to the side of the ship. Sean helped her inside as she came up laughing.

“That was amazing!”

He grinned and wrapped a towel around her now soaking body. Sean smiled and took her hands in his. It was the same feeling they experienced before, not pleasure but not pain. Sean held them a moment longer and looked into her violet silver eyes. He could not deny that she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He felt quite an attraction to her, he knew, but Sean was a gentleman. And she deserved better than a simple relationship based on feelings.

“Let’s get you dried up,” he finally said.

“No,” she turned. “I need a bath. You said they had water in the lower deck.”

“Yes, but you must boil it if you wish it hot.”

“Very well.”

Lira disappeared to the lower deck, but Sean heard a noise coming from the side. He looked over and grinned at the dolphin, which shot up from the water and gave chirping sounds and a whistle.

“She’s downstairs,” he replied and softly touched the sleek bottlenose. “She’ll be back soon. Well…maybe not. You know girls,” he grinned. “Sorry, she probably won’t get back in the water till tomorrow.”

He smiled as the dolphin leapt back into the water to rejoin the pod. Sean went to the helm and waited for Lira. Darkness was approaching, and she would need to be quick. After another hour of waiting, Sean rolled his eyes and went downstairs. The door to the bathing room was shut. Lira rested in the hot water inside the large white tub. She felt like she was in paradise as she soaked her body. Baths felt very good every once in awhile. Her paradise was interrupted by a knock.

“Lira, are you decent?” Sean asked.

She rolled her eyes. Of course I’m not decent.

“Wait a minute!”

“You’ve got one minute before I come in there, Lira. Hurry,” Sean warned her.

“He wouldn’t dare,” she muttered beginning to climb out.

“Yes, I would, Lira. You forget I have good hearing. You better hurry. You have sixty seconds and counting.”

Lira groaned and stepped out of the tub but slipped on the water covered floor. She cursed feeling the pain in her ankle but knew it was just a twist and it would heal.

“Twenty seconds…”

Lira stood up hurriedly and grabbed a white towel and wrapped it around herself. She grabbed her robe and held it in her hand. Sean slowly opened the door.

“Night is coming,” he told her. “You must get off the ship when the moon rises.”

“My dragon form will not be that heavy, Sean,” she sneered.

“Better safe than sorry,” he replied.

“At least I can push you further toward our destination.”


Sean left the room, and Lira quickly changed into her robe not having enough time for anything else. She quickly rushed up the stairs as the moon was rising. The beams fell upon her form, and she spread her long scaly wings hoisting herself into the air as her toes became talons. She took hold of the mast of the ship with her sharp talons and spread her wings as wide as they could go. With all the strength she had, Lira began to push the ship further toward its course. Taniquetil lay many miles away, and she could faintly see the glimmering beams of the tower.

After many hours of work, she finally ceased pushing knowing it would be alarming for a dragon to appear. She was also exhausted. Pushing a ship through the deep ocean was extremely difficult. Fortunately, Sean was wrong about her weight, and she took her place in the middle of the ship curling up and instantly fell asleep. Sean knelt beside her and stroked the dragon’s cheek.

“I do not know you well, but I know who you are. For all the reasons in the world, I would give my life for you. Soon our questions will be answered, and we shall discover who we truly are together.”

Sean grasped her scaly arm placing one talon cross his chest. Even as a dragon, she was a beautiful translucent amethyst. She would be human when the moon set…


Sean awoke in the early morning when the stars still fluttered silver spots in a golden sky. Lira’s soft hand rested on his chest, and he kissed it softly. He slowly ran his fingers through her now dark silver curls. She stirred beneath his touch. He traced the lines of her face as her eyes opened. Despite the hard deck beneath them, Lira was comfortable. She wrapped her arm around Sean’s ribs drawing him closer for warmth since she only had a silk robe on. Then he did something, which stunned her. Sean tilted her chin up and rubbed his lips against her own. She did not object, but seemed surprise by the all to close gesture. He changed the angle and depth of the kiss but kept everything gentle so as not to frighten her, though he knew she did not frighten easily. Her robe’s strings were untied, and he could faintly see the skin of her stomach. His fingers slowly and gently circled her navel.

“Sean,” she whispered.

“Mmm, wait a little longer, Lira,” he inched toward her again, but Lira broke away, tied her strings quickly, and stood blushing as she faced the elves who stood upon the shore.

Sean felt like an idiot now not even noticing that the ship had reached the shore. He lowered the ramp of the ship, and Lira disappeared briefly below deck to change into something more decent. Finally, she stepped ashore feeling a little dizzy though she did not know if it was from her being on the ship for so long or from Sean’s kiss.

A tall elf with tumbling golden hair, flowing white robes, and a fair wise face greeted them. Sean knew who it was, but Lira only heard stories of the Lady of the Wood. She took Sean’s hands and greeted him as if he were an old friend.

“You have never come to these shores, and yet your presence is known to me. And I trust my loyal captains are doing well in Lorien.”

“They are, my lady. And I trust that we shall be welcome in Valinor because of our relationship with them.

“You are welcome to these shores. But I sense you do not intend to remain here long.”

“We have come to see the Valar. As a servant of Varda, Lady Galadriel, I beg you to grant an audience with them.

“And the Amethyst as well?”

Lira knew who the Amethyst was, and Sean looked at Galadriel stunned. She simply smiled. “The mirror shows many things….”


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