A Deadly Secret – Chapter Two

by Sep 30, 2003Stories

Auther’s Note- Sorry for the last one being so short, I’m a slow typer.

**=Dream sequence

**Everything was foggy. It cleared a little, though, and I saw a dark figure with red eyes standing there.
“Who are you?” I asked
“The question is, who are you?” the dark, shadowy figure said with a misty voice, to match the fog
“Um… I’m Elizabeth, or as some call ‘Dizzy Lizzy'” I said, angrily
“And why is that?”
“Because I’m a idiot, or at least they say so!” I said, losing my temper
“And who are ‘they'” ask `it’
“All the people in my school, well in my old school. I swear I’m not going to go back and live with those liars,” I said, thinking about it. All I could do to stop from crying was to look at the dark figure, which was tall and lean. I could tell it was a male; he had a deep voice, and had no curves. But it looked as if he wasn’t human. As if he was some sort of… I don’t know what. I tried to think of what.
“Well, do you want that? Do you want to have to be called those names?” the shadowy figure asked
“NO!” I yelled. I couldn’t take it any more. I broke down and cried. The shadowy figure didn’t come to comfort me, like my “parents” had, which made me cry even harder. We stood there, for what felt like hours, until I settled down. I straitened up, whipping tears from my eyes. The man-creature was standing in the same place as when I started crying.
“Are you done yet?” said the figure, rudely
“Yah,” I said “But now I have some questions, will you answer them?”
“Perhaps, it matters which questions.”
“One: Who are you?”
“The answer you shall find out later”
“Next question.”
“Fine,” I said a little angrily “Two: Did you bring me here?”
“Yes” the misty voice said
“I have a mission for you. You must go and live with friends I know. They will be happy to see you. I will come to you though. You might not know, but believe me, I will come.” He said “Now you must go, do you have any more questions?”
“Yes, one, why are you sending me? Why not choose some one else?”
“You are one of them.” He said as he disintegrated**

It took me a while to come around, but when I did, I sat up with a start, looking around. Where am I? I thought, seeing a load of trees and hearing a water rushing over rocks. I stood up and wandered around. I found the brook, and put my hands in the water. I lifted up my hands so they were filled with water. I put them to my face and used my shirt to dry my face. From behind me I heard a twig snap. I swiveled around.
“Who are you?” said the figure standing there…


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