A Daughter of the King – Epilogue

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Mandy lay on the bed, her eyes shut. It had been twelve years since she had hiked back to her house after Legolas had left. She had gone to Oxford and graduated. She was a famous authoress, having written many books. But now, now she was dying. Her mother sat near her, sleeping in the chair. Mandy was in the hospital. She had been diagnosed with a rare cancer two years ago. The two years had gone with many tests, chemo, and even surgery. She had gone through it peacefully, never doubting God. There were times when it felt like He wasn’t near her, but she always held onto His promise that He would never leave her. The doctors had come in a week ago, telling her that there was nothing else they could do.

Mandy stirred, opening her eyes. She looked at her mother lovingly. She smiled as she remembered how Sam had looked that one morning when she woke in Imladris: her mom looked like that now. Her dad came into the room quietly, coming over to her side. It was getting harder for Mandy to breathe, her breaths coming in gasps. Maire was awake now, and they stood by her, her mom holding her hand while Jack had a hand on her mom’s shoulder.

“Mum…Dad…” Mandy gasped out, “I love you.”

“Sh…” Jack whispered soothingly, “you need to keep up your strength.”

“Dad…” Mandy cracked a smile, “I’m going home.” Her eyes gazed at something beyond them, her face lighting up. She turned to them, her eyes bright. “I love you both.” She said, “I will see you again….”

Her face was smiling, but her breathing slowed until she took one last shuddering breath. Her eyes closed, and her hand went limp. Maire burst into tears, holding her hand. Jack cried softly, his arm encircling his wife. Mandy had died twelve years after her adventure in Middle-earth. She had played her part there and here, now she had gone home.

Mandy walked, almost ran up the path. She was in the middle of what seemed like a garden, almost like the one she dreamed of long ago. As Mandy rounded the corner, she slowed because she caught sight of a young man standing on the path. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and had grey eyes full of laughter. His hair was light brown barely touching his shoulders and slightly curly. He wore a blue tunic with a sword strapped to his gold belt.

“Greetings Daughter of the King,” he said, smiling.

“Greetings,” Mandy glanced curiously at him, “who are you?”

“I am a servant of the same One as you,” he replied, face wreathed in smiles, “I have been commanded to guide you home.”

“I see,” Mandy smiled, “what is your name?”

“You may call me Caleb,” Caleb replied.

“Caleb,” Mandy questioned, “where are you going to take me?”

“To the home your Master has prepared for you,” Caleb answered.

“Let’s go,” Mandy laughed joyfully, her heart light and at peace.

“Come then,” Caleb shared in her laughter, leading her down the path.

Legolas got an odd stirring one day in Valinor. He got up and walked down to the docks, once again wishing Mandy was there with him. He caught sight of an empty boat coming towards the shore and decided to go in to see if there was anything left from the occupants. All of a sudden, Legolas found himself on the path that led to Mandy’s house. He glanced at himself and found that he was wearing dark pants, a white collared shirt and tie, and a black sports coat. Legolas walked firmly and lightly up the path, almost running. He entered the backyard, calling her name. His eyes glanced about keenly, wondering where Mandy was at. Legolas saw a paved path leading out towards the river. He followed it out until it stopped at the grove of trees where they had said goodbye. His eyes took in the spot, remembering the pain when his eyes caught sight of a stone in the midst of the clearing. Legolas raced forward and knelt by it. He let out a cry of grief as he saw her name on it. She was dead.

“My love,” he cried out in pain, “Aarien.” He brushed the leaves away and read the inscription. It said:

Mandy Elen Scott
Born: July 4, 1982 Died: March 1, 2012
Beloved daughter, sister, and friend
“Do or do not”
Jeremiah 29:11

Legolas traced the letters, his eyes blurring with tears. He smiled as he saw her middle-name, elvish for `stars’. He also noticed that she had never married.

“Did you know her?” the voice startled Legolas. He turned to see a young man in his early twenties standing there.

“Yes,” Legolas said, his voice cracking, “Many years ago.”

“She was a good woman,” the man came up to him, “and loved this place. She often came up here to write her books.”

Legolas listened, soaking up the news about her. He could see a slight resemblance between the man and Mandy. “Are you related to her?” he asked.

“Yes,” the man answered, “I am her second-cousin. My name is Sam.”

Legolas’s lips twitched a little at this. “How…how did she die?” he wondered softly.

“She had a rare cancer,” Sam answered, “she died peacefully….she was loved by all her readers, and anyone who met her. Many people attended her funeral.”

“She…she wrote?” Legolas questioned.

“Yes,” Sam looked at him closely, “would you like to come inside?”

Legolas nodded and walked with him into the house. Sam brought out two boxes full of books. Legolas looked at them, seeing many of the books she had written and also some of the journals she had kept. He smiled as he saw the fairytales she had written for adults and children. He laughed a bit when he saw the title of one of the books: My Journey to Middle-earth and back (printed with permission from the Tolkien Est.). She also had written many essays and poems. It seemed that he sat there for hours, pouring over the books.

Sam watched the man who looked only a little older than him. He could see that the man loved his cousin and wondered what had happened. He sighed softly, wishing that Mandy was still alive.

“Sir,” Sam said softly.

Legolas looked up, his eyes piercing. “I want to thank you, Sam,” Legolas stood, “thank you for showing me these things. Your cousin was a–very lovely woman.”

“Thank you,” Sam answered, “But could you tell me…what is your name?”

“My name is Luke,” Legolas strode out the door and back down the path. Sam looked at him for a moment, and then went to the boxes. He searched out one of her journals. The inscription read:

Luke has gone home. I wish I could have gone with him back to Arda…but I could not. I will always treasure the time I had with him…I love him dearly, but my path leads away from his. He belongs in Arda, and I here. I pray that he will be safe….Legolas, my love…

“Luke…” Sam breathed out, “Legolas? I thought she had just made that up as a story…but it is true?”

Legolas walked by the river, finding the same boat. He immediately was sailing up to Valinor and could smell the freshness of Valinor on the breeze. He sighed, knowing that now there would be no happiness for him here. When he reached the docks, he was met by his sister and cousin.

“Legolas,” Tethcelebel smiled, “more have arrived.”

“I do not care,” Legolas muttered, “she is dead.”

“I think you should greet them,” Elwen suggested softly.

“I wish to be left alone.” Legolas growled, stalking to his room.

The room was positioned in a way that it took in the Sea and the beach. Legolas glanced out the window and saw Frodo walking the shore with an elf-wen who wore a white veil and silver dress that had a dark green belt with jewels on it. The breeze lifted the veil slightly to reveal dark red, waist-long hair. Legolas leaped down to the shore and ran up to them. The lady had her veil drawn about her face, concealing it.

“Lady,” Legolas breathed heavily, “may I?”

The lady paused for a few seconds, seeming like days and months to Legolas. Then she nodded. He gently lifted the veil.

“Mae govennin, Legolas,” she murmured softly, eyes dancing.

“Aarien,” Legolas breathed and kissed her, his arms holding her as if he would never let go…

Books ought to have good endings…
and they lived happily ever after, until
the end of their days.

~Bilbo Baggins~

****Author’s Note****
hi everyone! are you surprised? i want to thank everyone who has been reading my story through all the twists and turns and trials!! you guys really helped me by giving me tips, advice, and critiquing with grammar, ect and just keeping me encouraged. Special thanks to my sis for pre-reading all of this and giving me points and critiquing. you rock! before i forget, i just wanted to thank some authors and stories who gave me ideas: LALAITH (thanks so much for being understanding about me stealing some of your ideas); LADY C (thanks for writing yours which helped me write mine); KATE AND HALDIR (don’t know who wrote it but thanks for the idea of Haldir coming to earth. that gave me the idea of Legolas doing the same and the secret agent); TOLKIEN (of course for writing LOTR and making ME and creating all of the fictional characters that i took liberties with. hopefully i didn’t totally ruin them); last but not least CS LEWIS (for writing Narnia and giving me the idea of someone going to another world).
i hope you enjoyed this story…i sure had fun writing it and leaving it off at cliffies for you
i’m not going to continue this story, i will just leave it off as is…but i am brain-storming for some more stories thanks again for reading (and not killing me cause of cliffies) i hope you had as much fun as i did! i give all the credit to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for giving me the ability to write and imagine.
God bless you guys!
Under the Mercy,

p.s. thanks to everyone who stuck with it (and to those of you who came in the middle or at the end): Estelstar, Lalaith, FlowerofLorien, Rana, Aris, Life, Egladurwen, Elgalad, Elwen, AGLHE, The-Trixie, TheE.I. Cebu, Riel, elvendream, TelepeLindai, LeggysGurl4Eva, JudyA, Idril, LK, Ohtarwen, Elnar, Liri, FaithfulPoet, Dilly, Tethairwen you guys are awesome!!

MANY MANY thanks to those of you who have been reading but can’t comment!!!


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