A Daughter of the King – Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Mandy sat at a table, eating dinner with Ulka-Loome. It was the first time in almost two weeks that she had actually had a meal. She had been bathed, against her wishes, and given new clothes to wear. Her clothes were a light black (if there is such a thing) with thin red thread going about the dress in a flame-design. Her old clothes had been kept, for she had stopped the women from burning them. Around her neck was her Star of David and on her shoulder the clasp of the Erusen. She ate very little, not trusting him.

“Eat.” Ulka-Loome urged her, “You probably have not eaten for a long while.”

“Only because your men kidnapped me.” Mandy snapped back.

“That was unfortunate.” Ulka-Loome’s tone took on a soothing note, “I am sorry they treated you that way.”

Mandy looked sharply at him. His voice tried to calm her and hypnotize her into peacefulness; much like Saruman’s voice was like. “It won’t work.” Mandy said evenly, “You won’t get me to answer your questions or to help you.”

A look of rage flashed over his face. Mandy saw it and smiled inwardly, glad to have thwarted him. Then his face took on a calmer appearance.

“Indeed?” he raised an eyebrow, “Well, I think before I’m done, you will tell me what I wish to know.”

“Don’t count on it.” Mandy shook her head, her eyes going hard, “I won’t tell you anything.”

Ulka-Loome glared at her, not even trying to conceal his anger. Mandy drew back slightly at the way his face changed to a grotesque look of rage. He rose swiftly and grasped her arm. Dragging her, he brought her to the throne room and threw her to the floor. Mandy hit the stone floor with a thud, her head smacking it. She lay there stunned, drifting in and out of consciousness. She could hear a voice asking her questions and knew she shouldn’t reply.

“Lord,” she cried out in her heart, “take me from here. Please help me.” Her eyes began to focus, and she could see Ulka-Loome leaning over her. But behind him with a drawn sword, stood a massive being. His wings appeared to be glass-like but shone brilliantly. He had blond hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing a pure white tunic with a gold belt that held the sheath for his sword. He was also wearing silver armor. His sword had jewels in crested on the handle and the blade was shining brilliantly. As she looked at him, he smiled at her.

“Hello, Daughter of the King.” he said smiling, “The Lord has not forgotten you. Look.” The angel, for angel it was, motioned about him. Mandy looked around and saw many angels around her, all with armor and swords drawn. She could also see demons about the room, snarling and growling furiously at the angels, who kept them at bay.

“Thank You, Lord.” she whispered, “Thank You.” Suddenly, all of the angels and demons disappeared and it was just her and Ulka-Loome in the room. However, she knew that she was being protected and that nothing could harm her unless Illuvitar allowed it.

Ulka-Loome gave up and yelled angrily. An orc came and pulled Mandy up. He propelled her roughly back to the room. He threw her into it and locked the door. She glanced out the window, praying for Him to do His will, not hers.

This went on for a day or two. Finally, Ulka-Loome lost all patience with her. He yelled for the woman.

“You! Take her back to the room. Change her into her own clothes and throw her into a cell!” he ordered.

The woman nodded and took Mandy away. She stripped Mandy of the dress and flung Mandy’s clothes at her. Mandy hurriedly pulled them on, loving the feel of the cloth. Then the woman dragged her out into the courtyard of the fortress and shoved her into one of the cells. The cells were located in the sides of the walls. The doors were solid wood, impossible to break. Mandy stood on tiptoes and glanced out into Mirkwood. She could see the night animals starting to wander about. Sighing, she sat down up against the wall and tried to sleep.

“Elwen!” Tethcelebel cried, “What do you see?”

“I do not know.” Elwen’s brow creased with worry, examining the tracks, “I cannot tell where they went.”

Tethcelebel came up to her. She looked at the tracks as well. It was as Elwen said. The tracks were shuffled and mangled. It was as if something had gotten there first and crawled over them.

“What are we to do, Mithrandir?” Tethcelebel asked, “If we do not know which way?”

“I think it is time to ask the help of Thranduil.” Mithrandir decided, “After all, it is his realm.”

Elwen nodded, “My father will help us, Mithrandir. Though the longer we wait, the less likely we will find Aarien alive.”

“Then we must ride hard and fast.” Mithrandir swung Shadowfax around, “To Thranduil, Shadowfax!” The other elves urged their horses on as well. They rode hard and rapidly towards Thranduil’s wooded fortress.

“Get up.” Grishna’s evil face leered over her, “The master wants to have a bit of a chat with you.”

Mandy groaned and got up. She walked quickly to keep up with him. As they reached the throne room, Ulka-Loome looked up. His eyes filled with hate, “Are you willing to help me now?” he asked her.

“I will never help you, Ango!” she snarled.

Ulka-Loome nodded to Grishna who grabbed Mandy, thrusting one arm behind her back and up. Mandy twisted, trying to relieve the pressure. Grishna just thrust upwards harder.

“When will the king’s son be born?” Ulka-Loome hissed, coming close to her, “When will he be born?”

“I…don’t…know!” Mandy gasped out.

“You don’t know?!” Ulka-Loome said, shaking his head, “You are lying. You live with them. You are their daughter.” he sneered as he said this, “Surely you must know.”

Mandy didn’t say anything, only looked at him with rebellion in her eyes.

“Very well.” Ulka-Loome nodded to Grishna, who let go of her. Mandy dropped to her knees limply, holding her arm. “If you really do not know, which I doubt.” Ulka-Loome smiled evilly, “I will give you some time to think on it.” Mandy was dragged away and locked in her cell again. This went on every few hours. Mandy finally would not say anything, knowing that it would do no good even if she did.

“You will tell me.” Ulka-Loome said coldly. Mandy did not say anything, only shook her head.

“Very well.” he nodded to Grishna, “Perhaps this will help persuade you to help me, Erusen-wen.”

Grishna smiled evilly and dragged her out of the room. He tied her to a post outside in a courtyard. She glanced wearily around, her eyes going wide at the sight of the whip in his hand.

“You will feel the teeth of my whip in your flesh, Erusenwen.” he sneered, cracking it, “it will not be long before you will beg for mercy and tell my master whatever he wishes. By the way, I have long wanted to do this.” So saying, he raised the whip and brought it down onto her back. She screamed in pain as he brought it down again and again. Soon, she did not say anything, only shuddered.

“Lord…” she murmured painfully, “help me, help me survive.” Then the orc threw the whip down, roughly untied her, and dragged her back. He kicked her into the cell, locking the door. She landed on her back and screamed as pain shot up and down her shoulders and back. Painfully, she raised herself up. She could feel the blood pouring down her back. She shuddered, wincing. She crawled and knelt in front of the wall. The tears flowed freely; she had just enough strength to brace her hands against the wall so that she could lean forward.

“Lord, I cannot endure much more of this,” she murmured, “I cannot survive.”

She closed her eyes, wishing that He would take her home. She was praying softly when she felt a slight brush across her cheek. She opened her eyes to find a large moth sitting on her knee. She lowered a hand and watched as it crawled onto it. She gently and carefully brought it up to her mouth.

Tuuva Gwaihir! (Find Gwaihir)” she murmured quietly, “Tell him I call for his aid.”
The moth flew from her hand, brushing against her cheek one last time. It flew out of the window and into the forest. Mandy sighed, knowing it could be her last hope. She had all but given up now; she did not know how long she could survive.

The moth flew swiftly. It found Gwaihir flying near the Misty Mountains. Gwaihir struck out with his wings, flying towards Mirkwood, calling for others of his kingdom to come and help.

The deer, also, found help. Its help was at this moment, on his way to Mirkwood as well. When Gwaihir and the Eagles reached the Carrock, so did the deer’s help. They joined forces and raced towards the fortress.

Mandy had been whipped numerous times. It was now the next night, and she was getting worn down. She would not reveal anything, but she also knew that another whipping could kill her. She lay on her back where she had been thrown. She now had barely enough strength to stand and could not sit up. She was almost unconscious because of the pain going up and down her back and shoulders. Suddenly, she heard the sound of orcs and men yelling. She could hear an eagle’s cry of fury. She also heard the sound of a bear’s roar. Then she perceived the sound of a battle, orcs squealing in pain and men crying out. Summoning what strength she had, she pushed up off the floor.

“Gwaihir….” she called feebly before she fell back and darkness enveloped her.

Gwaihir had heard her cry. He looked about the fortress, seeing that they were winning. Most of the men and orcs had been killed; and those who were not dead had escaped into Mirkwood where the wood-elves would eventually kill them. He searched out where the cry had come from and saw a line of blood on the ground in front of one door. He called to the bear, and they both went up to the door. The massive bear put his shoulder to the door and broke it in. There lay Mandy, her clothes soaked in her own blood.

Mandy could kind of see and didn’t believe what she saw. A massive bear came into the cell and gently lifted her from the floor. He stood on his hind legs and carried her out. As he carried her, she glanced up at him and was shocked to find his eyes looking so human-like. Then, mercifully, she blacked out.

***Author’s Note***
there! she’s rescued! happy?? i hope you guys enjoyed this part of my story it’s not over yet.


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