A Daughter of the King – Chapter Twelve

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Mandy gazed into the mirror. Nothing happened for a few seconds, then it started to go dark. She saw her parents talking with police, while others went out searching for her with dogs. Her mom was holding up, but Mandy could tell that she had been crying recently. Mandy felt homesick for her mother’s warm laughter and understanding, and her father’s big bear-hugs and willingness to protect her from anything. She watched as the men didn’t find anything. She desperately wished she could hear what they were saying. Suddenly, the scene changed. She saw herself dressed in a white gown. She seemed many years older. She had a circlet of jewels on her head, while her hair was free. She wore no shoes and the gown had jewels all over it. She had a pendant on: she recognized it as Legolas’s. She was walking down a path in the woods. She saw Legolas talking with Aragorn; they agreed about something. Suddenly, she saw Legolas running towards her. She stopped, gazing at him questioningly. Legolas swung her around and kissed her. Mandy gasped in surprise as she pulled back from the mirror. Galadriel watched her.

“I have seen this also.” Galadriel spoke.

“What does it mean?” Mandy asked, “What does it mean!”

“Continue watching.” Galadriel told her.

Mandy gaped as they suddenly disappeared, literally. Mandy saw more police, with guns menacing, herself desperately trying to explain something. She closed her eyes and turned away.

“I have no wish to see anymore.” she told Galadriel.
Galadriel nodded, walking over to her. Mandy moved away from the mirror, thinking about what she had seen. “Well, at least I know I will go home sometime.” she thought, knowing that Galadriel could read them, “but what was Legolas talking with Aragorn about? And why did he kiss me? My lady, will these things happen or…”

“Si er intya ya kalainis mart. Na yal seere, Mandy. (*This is only an idea of what may happen. Be at peace, Mandy.*)” Galadriel comforted her.

“M’lady, why am I an elf?” Mandy asked aloud.

“Perhaps this is what you would be, if you were of Middle Earth. Yes, I know you are from a different world, but this may be what you are here. The Erusen resembled elves greatly…” Galadriel told her. She led Mandy back up the path, towards Galadhrim.

Mandy slowly dressed in a silky dress for a farewell feast. She was going back to Gondor the next morning. She had searched out Elrohir and had told him after she had gotten back to the city. She was already missing everyone in Lothlorien. A gentle knock came on the door.

“Come in.” Mandy was brushing her hair, which had grown down to her waist.

“Hello, Mandy.” Tethcelebel sat down next to her, “How are you?”

“Besides the fact I am going to miss everyone here and all that, I am fine.” Mandy brushed angrily at the tears that threatened to come down.

“Oh, do not worry. I will come to visit you. And you had better come back.” Tethcelebel threatened lightly.

“I am a little frightened of seeing Aragorn and Arwen again. I mean, I really changed over the past month.” Mandy confided, “Will they even recognize me?”

“I am sure they will be just as anxious to adopt you as an elf as they would a mortal.” Tethcelebel braided Mandy’s hair.

“Yes, I know.” Mandy answered, standing up, “Do I look alright?”

“You look beautiful. Now come. You do not want to be late for your own feast!” Tethcelebel pulled Mandy out of the room. They walked down the stairs, laughing and talking.

The clearing was lit up brighter than usual and almost every elf, except for those guarding the borders, was at the feast. It was a joyous occasion, with much dancing and singing. All of the Lothlorien elves had met or seen Mandy at one point or another, and she was well-liked by all. Mandy was enjoying herself. She was seated in the place of honor with Galadriel and Celeborn at her right and Legolas at her left. Tethcelebel and Elwen sat across from her. While she was talking, Orophin approached her.

“Mandy? I have something for you.” he said, drawing her into the woods. Mandy smiled at him.

“What is it, Orophin?” she asked, looking up at him. He handed her a wrapped package.

“You may open it now, if you wish.” he said.

She pulled the tie loose and gasped as the fabric fell off. There lay a light sword, with a soft leather sheath. The sheath had Elvish writing on it and had a design of leaves. She pulled the sword out. The handle was carved with a Star of David and the sword also had Elvish writing.

“Hanta le, Orophin.” she whispered, turning the sword over.

The sword had this on it: `Kalainis i Valar varya ar tira vanwe le’ and the sheath had this: `Maite mahtar’.

“Hanta le.” she murmured. Orophin gently guided her over to a bench.

“I am glad you like it.” he smiled down at her. He looked into her dark green eyes, and before she knew it, he kissed her. Mandy was too surprised to do anything. Orophin stood up.

“I am sorry. It is just that ever since I met you, I…” he stopped, looking down at her. She lowered her eyes, not wanting to hurt him.

“I see you do not love me the same.” he sighed, “Your heart is taken by someone else.” Mandy glanced up.

“I’m sorry, Orophin, but I do not love you in that way.” she laid her hand on his arm, “I am sure you will find someone else who will return your love.”

He smiled sadly, “Come. I will take you back to the feast. They are probably wondering where you are.”

He took her arm, and they walked back to the feast. Legolas watched them come back. He saw the longing gaze of Orophin’s and the new sword.

“She does not love him.” Galadriel’s voice scared him.

“My lady. I…I…” Legolas stuttered awkwardly.

“Her heart belongs to another, Legolas Greenleaf. You have stolen it away from her.” Galadriel left him shocked and full of joy. Mandy waved happily at Legolas. He watched her, and later escorted her back to her room.

“I am going back to Gondor tomorrow.” Mandy said, walking with Legolas back up the path.

“I know.” Legolas glanced down at her, “Amin tas nyeere le, Aarien(*I will miss you, Sun-Maiden.*).”

“Ar Amin lle (*And I you*).” Mandy sighed.

They walked in silence, each thinking their own thoughts. They soon reached her quarters.

“Will I…” Mandy started to say when Legolas stopped her, his fingers on her lips.

“Ua quente (*Do not speak*). I want to remember you this way…” he said softly.

Mandy looked up at him. He leaned down and gently, almost shyly, kissed her. Mandy turned away after he stopped. Legolas saw a few tears coming down.

“What is wrong, Mandy? Have I done…” he asked, turning her around.

“No, you have done nothing. It is just that…lle meles la ar Amin tas wanya at amin mar (*You love me and I will have to go back to my home*).” Mandy lifted her face to look at him, “Ar Amin meles lle (*And I love you*).”

“Oh, Mandy. Do not worry about that now. If it is in the will of Iluuvatar, we will be together.” Legolas hugged her, “Amin tas omenta lle mi Gondor.(*I will meet you in Gondor*). That is a promise.”

“Goodnight, Legolas.” Mandy started up the stairs slowly.

“Wait. Meet me in the clearing tomorrow morning. Quel du. (*Goodnight*).” Legolas smiled as she nodded. She went up to bed.

Mandy woke early the next morning. She smiled at the remembrance of the night before.
“Lord, I like him a lot. What will I do when You take me back home? Or…You wouldn’t leave me here, would You?” she thought, getting dressed.
She swiftly braided her hair and buckled the sword around her waist. She ran down the stairs and towards the clearing. Legolas was there, sitting on a stump. He stood as she raced into the clearing. Suddenly, her boots slipped in water, and she fell. She lay there silently for a few seconds, then laughed. Legolas chuckled as he helped her up.

“Oh, Mandy…” he chuckled, his eyes dancing.

“Be quiet. I’m the only clumsy elf.” she laughed good-naturedly.

“I have something for you.” he told her, “Close your eyes.” She did, waiting. Her ears heard him whisper something.

“Alright. Open them.” he whispered in her ear.
She gasped in delight. There stood a stallion, pure white with a slight silver coloring.

“Ilma (*Starlight*)…” she whispered, stroking his mane, “He is mine?”

“Yes. He is yours, Mandy.” Legolas lifted her up, “Do you like him?”

“Ala, nya mellon. Hanta le, Legolas (Yes, my friend. Thank you, Legolas*).” Legolas whistled and swung up onto Arod. They rode back together.

“Amin tas nyeere le, Legolas. Lle tas tulya an Gondor? Lle vesta? (*I will miss you, Legolas. You will come to Gondor? You promise?*)” she questioned, looking over to him.

“Ala, Mandy.(*Yes, Mandy*). I promised.” Legolas said forcefully. They rode in silence, and then Legolas stopped. “I am going now. I do not wish to say goodbye.” he helped Mandy down, “Do not worry, Sun-Maiden. I will be in Gondor.” He kissed her gently on the forehead, “Kalainis i Valar wanya o le (*May the Valar watch over you*).”
“May the grace of the Valar be with you, Legolas. And may Illuvitar let us meet again.” Mandy mounted Ilma and waved to Legolas one last time.
Elrohir was waiting for her near the gates.

“Mandy, we need to go soon.” he grasped Ilma’s bridle. She slid down and stood before Galadriel and Celeborn.

“Mandy, Amin anta le i tuule Aarien. Kalainis i Valar varya le ve le istima le (*Mandy, I give you the name Sun-Maiden. May the Valar protect you as you learn about yourself*).” Celeborn said, smiling at her.

“Hanta le, Lord Celeborn.” Mandy answered, trying not to cry. Galadriel embraced her and said, “I have a gift for you. It is a bow with Lothlorien arrows. The arrows never miss. Also elvish rope.”

Mandy took the bow and quiver and strapped them to her back. She said thanks softly and mounted her horse. Tethcelebel raced over.

“I have something for you also. Here.” she handed Mandy a circlet of leaves, “It is yours. May the grace of the Valar go with you.”

“And with you.” Mandy answered, biting back tears.

“I do not have any gift for you, Mandy.” Elwen said, “But if ever you come to Mirkwood, we will practice swords and archery. That is a promise.”

Mandy nodded and nudged her horse after Elrohir’s.
“I will come back and visit you.” she called back to them.

They rode silently and swiftly towards Gondor. Mandy was lost in her own thoughts. Elrohir motioned to stop and make camp.

“We’ll rest her for a little while.” he said, “We are near Fanghorn…”

“Fanghorn…” Mandy mused, remembering her time there.
She slid off of Ilma, “Hanta le, nya mellon.” She stroked his nose. She sat in the crook of a tree, watching Elrohir.

“Tell me about Aragorn.” she asked him.

“Well, I remember when he first came to Imladris, naught more than an infant, scared and worried. His mother had entrusted him to my father to raise as his own son. He became like a little brother to me. We had great fun. He got told who he was when he was but twenty. That’s when he met my sister…she had been staying with Galadriel, our mother’s kin. He left to join with his kin in the North, the Dunedain. He has seen many things, most of which he would like to forget. He has finally come into his rightful place…and…” Elrohir stopped.

Mandy glanced around, her ears straining to hear something. Suddenly, she heard footsteps coming closer. Elrohir stood and disappeared into the trees. Mandy sat, listening for any sound. She froze as a knife came to her throat.

“Don’t move and you will not be harmed.” a male voice said. Mandy rolled her eyes, exasperated.

“Look, I don’t know who you are, but I am getting tired of men thinking they can…” she snapped, slamming her wrist against his.

He was startled, and she jumped up, sword drawn. Her hood was down and the moonlight shone on her hair and ears. She was wearing the circlet that Tethcelebel had given her, and it shone out on her red hair. The man came out of the shadows. She recognized the Lothlorien clasp of his cloak and the elf sword.

“You are elf kind.” he said, “I did not know.”

“Yes, I am elf, but I still don’t know who you are, Sir. Though you must be good to have a Lothlorien cloak.” she answered, sword still drawn.
He pulled his hood down to reveal an elf face. He had long blond hair and blue eyes. Mandy gasped when she saw him. He looked like Orophin, only older.

“Who are you, Sir?” she asked, lowering her sword.

“Forgive me, M’lady. I did not realize that you were elf.” he sheathed his sword, “I am Haldir.” Just then, Elrohir came back.

“Haldir. Where did you come from, Friend?” he clasped Haldir’s arm, then glared at him, “What are you doing? Are you trying to kidnap Aragorn’s daughter and take her back to Lorien? He would not be happy about that!”

“I came from Imladris and am on my way to Lothlorien when I found…what is your name, Lady?” he turned to her.

“Aarien, M’lord.” Mandy told him.

“Sun-Maiden…the name fits you.” he mused, “Aragorn’s daughter?!” he glanced swiftly at Elrohir, “Have you gone mad, Elrohir?”

“Come. Sit down, I will explain it to you.” Elrohir offered. Haldir nodded and sat down.

“Forgive this question, but are you related to Orophin, the Marchwarden?” she asked softly.

“Yes, I am his brother.” Haldir took Mandy in, “From what realm are you, M’lady Aarien? For you have features I have naught seen in elf.”

“I come from Lothlorien but realm I have not.” she answered, gazing into the woods, “My kin is Aragorn-king, and Arwen. Also Elrohir and his brother.”

Haldir glanced at her. She said nothing else, listening to them talk. She slept, dreamlessly and deeply. Haldir looked at her.

“She has fallen asleep. Who is she, Elrohir?” Haldir asked.

“She is not from any realm near here. She is my kin in that Aragorn is adopting her as daughter.”

“Aragorn is adopting her…? She must be special to him.” Haldir said quietly.

“Yes, he saved her from orcs…and found out that she has no kin near here. He came to love her as a daughter.” Elrohir explained, looking over at her, “She has been staying with Galadriel for the past month and just decided that she will accept Aragorn’s offer.”

“I see…” Haldir mused, going quiet. Mandy roused and stretched.

“Hmm…” she yawned, “were you talking about me?”

“Well…” Haldir looked at Elrohir awkwardly. Elrohir turned, hiding his smile.

“It’s no big deal. I’ve grown quite used to it, Master Elf.” she laughed, standing, “Shall we keep on going?” Elrohir nodded.

“I would ask you to come with us, but I know that you are on your way back to Lothlorien.” Elrohir clasped Haldir’s arm,
“It was good to see you, my friend.” Haldir bowed to Mandy, “I hope I will have the pleasure of you company again, Lady Aarien.”

“I think that you might, Lord Haldir.” she jumped up onto Ilma’s back, “I like Lothlorien too much to stay away for long. Tell that to Tethcelebel for me.” She kicked her horse gently, following after Elrohir.

*May the Valar watch and protect you. Skilled warrior.

***Author’s Note***
hi all! i know, i know, wrong elvish sorry….i hope you enjoyed this next part in the story. i don’t know what else to say…oh yeah. poor orophin it wouldn’t have worked between them anyway and i’m not trying to copy lalaith, honest. if i was going to do that, i would make orophin have someone else who loves him and he follows mandy back to Gondor so, sorry lalaith, if it seems like i’m copying you, i’m not, honest. i had a lot of these chapters written and then yours come up with the same kind of things going on hope you like it!
p.s. i’m going to be on vacation for a few days. i’m going to post a few chapters, so hopefully they’ll all come up like the day after one another. but that’s the reason why i won’t be answering your comments. i will as soon as i get back! God bless!!!


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