A Daughter of the King – Chapter Thirty-One

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Mandy could hardly rest, hearing about Elwen. It had been about a day, and Elwen was still very sick. She was restless in bed, but it was not as bad as Elrond had first feared. He did say that he had done all he could, it was up to her now. Mandy wished she could get up and go to her room, but knew that Elrond would strictly forbid it. She could barely sit up for more than ten minutes, let alone walk. She sighed, praying for Elwen. The hobbits were her `messengers’, reporting everything about Elwen’s condition. Legolas visited her rarely, being with his sister. She understood that, once again wishing she could be at Elwen’s side.

“Lord, please let her get better,” she prayed, “please.”

She eased herself onto her side, careful about the bandages and fell asleep.

“Elwen,” Tethcelebel whispered, sitting near her, “By the Valar! Please do not leave, do not die. We have so many things yet to do…I still need to come back to Mirkwood and fight with you. I only have one more win to pass you by and beat you.” Tethcelebel cried, her eyes downwards.

“I…have…two…over you…Celebel.” Elwen breathed out, her eyes open and voice weak.

“Elwen!” Tethcelebel yelled out, “You’re going to be alright!”

“Thank you,” Elwen teased softly, “for yelling my ear off.”

“Oh,” Tethcelebel laughed, “I’m sorry. Lord Elrond! Uncle!”

Elrond rushed in, his face worried but then relaxing as he saw Elwen awake. “Well, child,” he said, coming over to her, “you gave us all quite a scare. My niece has not left your side nor your brother. Except that I finally convinced him to rest.”

Elwen smiled, her eyes glancing around. She couldn’t move her arm, so she glanced down and saw that it was immobilized with a splint. She also found that she was wearing a sleeveless tunic, so that her wounds could be more accessible for Elrond.

Elrond undid the bandages, finding her wound to be healing and the poison almost all gone. “You will live,” he said, a smile on his face, “you do not die easily, Niece.”

“Of course not,” Elwen joked, “a little spider bite won’t kill me.”

Elrond just sighed, shaking his head. He replaced the bandages, ordering her to rest. Tethcelebel talked a little while with Elwen, telling her how Mandy was.

“Celebel,” Elwen whispered, her eyelids heavy, “sing a song.”

“Of course,” Tethcelebel answered, smiling. She thought for a few minutes, and then sang an elvish lullaby her grandmother used to sing:

“Fuume, seldonin,
Senda, melesnin.
Oloore titta,
Mammen lle fuume.
Fuume, seldonin,
Senda, melesnin.
iValaina e
tira telta lle.” ***

Elwen drifted off to sleep while Tethcelebel sang soothingly. She tiptoed out of the room as soon as Elwen was asleep, to let Legolas and Mandy know the good news.

The next day, Elwen was arguing with Elrond, wanting to get out of bed.

“I feel fine!” Elwen growled, sitting up, “I can walk about.”

“I am sorry, Niece,” Elrond said firmly, “You cannot walk about for at least another two days. Stay in bed!” He ordered, his eyes flashing.

Elwen nodded reluctantly, making a face. Elrond walked out of the room, going down the hall. Elwen sighed, glancing around the room.

“I’m bored,” she said aloud, “why do I have to stay in bed? I feel fine.” She glanced about, listening, “There’s no one around. I could…no I’d better not.” She tried to think of other things but her mind kept going back to her idea, “There’s no harm, is there? Just to go down to the stables and visit my horse. Well, first I have to find my cloak.” Elwen got out of bed gingerly, making sure she did not get any dizzy spells. She wandered around the room, finally finding her cloak. She opened the door, looking up and down the halls, and then sneaked down it.

What she didn’t see was Gimli coming out of one door, pausing as he saw her go down the opposite hall. He shook his head, muttering in his beard, “Foolish elfwen. Where is Lord Elrond?” he walked down the hall, in search of the Elven lord.

“Mae govennin, mellonnin,” Elwen greeted her horse, who nickered happily in response. “Well, you seem a little lonely. Come, I will walk you about the courtyard,” she led her horse out of the stables, “but we must be quiet.”

Elwen walked with her horse about the yard, talking quietly to it. Her arm was hanging useless at her side. She got the sudden urge to ride the horse.

“Daro,” she whispered, standing on a stone bench, getting ready to mount.

Elrond had given Mandy permission to sit on the balcony of her room, as long as she rested. She enjoyed being in the sun and hearing the birds sing once more. She was out in the morning, reading a book when she heard the sound of someone coming out of the stable, for her balcony overlooked the stable and courtyard. She glanced down, shocked to find Elwen leading her horse about.

“Elwen,” she thought, “what are you doing, mellonnin??” She couldn’t believe her eyes as Elwen seemed to be getting ready to mount, “She isn’t really going to ride the horse, is she?” Mandy watched, her eyes worried, “By Elbereth! She is going to ride!”

Mandy stood painfully, grasping the railing.

Elwen wound her fingers through the mane of her horse, using her good arm to pull up onto her horse. She sat lightly on the horse, loving the feel of it.

“ELWEN!!!!!” a voice yelled.

Elwen’s head whirled around, seeking the person. Her horse spooked, rearing up. Elwen wasn’t expecting it to. Now, if she wasn’t hurt and had two good arms, she could have kept her seat. But since she only had one good arm and was hurt, she flew off of her horse, landing on her back. With the wind knocked out of her and her vision spinning dizzily, Elwen lay on the ground, cursing whoever had spooked her horse and knowing Elrond was going to kill her.

“Ed Elbereth! (By Elbereth!)” Elwen groaned, “I’m dead.”

Mandy gasped as the horse spooked. “Oh no,” she moaned, “I really did it now.” She stumbled back, trying to go into her room. A young elf came racing out, grabbing her arm and keeping her from falling down.

“M’lady?” the elf said in question, “Are you alright?”

“Please,” Mandy sat, “get Lord Elrond. Elwen has fallen…”

The young elf looked down, seeing Elwen lying on the ground. He nodded and raced away. Mandy looked down, suddenly seeing Legolas, Gimli, and Elrond race into the courtyard. She breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Elwen would be alright.

“Elwen!” Elrond’s voice sounded distant and his face was whirling, “Foolish Child. I told you to stay in bed.”

“Sister,” Legolas seemed to be in focus more. He just shook his head, picking her up. He carried her back to her room. As he walked down the hall, Elwen whispered, “I am going to be dead with Lord Elrond, aren’t I?”

“Yes, Sister,” Legolas’s lips twitched, “you are in serious trouble. I’ll be surprised if he lets you get out of bed in two weeks.”

Elwen groaned, knowing that it was going to be a long few days.

“Ai,” Mandy sighed, shifting carefully. It was morning again, and she had woken just as the sun peeked out from the mountains. It had been five days since Elwen had sneaked out of her room and rode her horse. She had forgiven Mandy for yelling, though she was still angry at being made to stay in bed even longer. Elrond had softened his order a bit, but she still had to stay in bed. Though he did have her move into the room right next to Mandy’s, so that they could have the door open and talk with one another. And Mandy could even sit in the room with Elwen. Overall, it wasn’t quite as bad as Elwen first thought because she always had someone with her.

“Aarien,” Elwen called softly, “are you awake?”

“Yes,” Mandy whispered back, “why?”

“Do you think Lord Elrond will let me out of bed today?” Elwen asked longingly.

“I do not know,” Mandy chuckled, “all I know is that I will have to be going back to Gondor soon.”

“Ai,” Elwen’s moan came through the door quietly, “so soon? I was hoping you could come to Lorien with us.”

“I know,” Mandy said softly, her eyes sad, “I was hoping the same thing. But I feel like I should go back to Gondor. Lady Arwen needs me.”

“Why?” Elwen asked, her voice interested.

“She is pregnant.” Mandy answered, making sure only Elwen heard her.

“I see,” Elwen replied, thinking about this news. They both stayed quiet, resting and enjoying the sunlight. They both were thinking about their homes and their parents.

Suddenly, pounds came on their doors. They both called for them to come in. All of the Hobbits piled into the rooms, yelling out greetings and good-mornings.

“Aarien!” Pippin climbed onto the bed like a child, “Do you know there is to be a feast tonight?”

“Yes,” Merry butted in, “and everyone can come, Elrond said so.”

“Everyone?” Elwen said incredulously, “even the ill ones?”

“I do not know,” Frodo answered, “I would assume so.”

“That is good news indeed,” Mandy smiled happily.

“It is why the feast is being done that’s disheartening, Aarien,” Sam said, his face downcast.

“Come now, Sam,” Elwen teased him slightly, “It cannot be all that bad.”

“It is, M’lady,” Sam said gloomily, “We are leaving tomorrow, to go back to the Shire.”

“Why, Sam,” Frodo said in astonishment, “I thought you wanted to go back.”

“I do, Mr. Frodo,” Sam nodded, “but I wish I didn’t have to leave the elves…I’ll miss all of them. No one at home is going to believe this.”

“Sam,” Mandy smiled, “we will come and visit you.”

“Sure,” Elwen agreed, “and you’ll have to show us around the Shire.”

“You will?” Sam brightened visibly, “I would be glad to show you around.”

“Thank you, Master Gamgee.” Mandy laughed.

“Well,” Gandalf came into the room, “it seems like there is a council going on in here.”

“Good-morning, Mithrandir,” Elwen called from the other room.

“Hello, Child,” Gandalf stuck his head in, “and how are you feeling?”

“Better,” Elwen groaned, “but I can’t get out of bed yet.”

“That is to be expected,” Gandalf’s eyes twinkled from under his eyebrows, “since your little escapade several days past.”

“I feel fine now,” Elwen protested.

“I bet you do,” Elrond strode into the room, “and you will be pleased to find that you may come to the feast tonight if you remain in bed for the day.”

“Thank you,” Elwen nearly jumped out of bed, “thank you!”

“The same with you, Aarien,” Elrond addressed her, “you may come to the feast as long as you rest for the day.”

“I will,” Mandy said excitedly, “thank you so much, Lord Elrond.” Elrond smiled to see them so excited. He left them alone, while Gandalf led the Hobbits elsewhere to start packing.

Mandy was sitting with Elwen, talking with her. It was afternoon, relaxing and slow. The sun played on their beds and rooms, seeming to chase their shadows. Elwen was sitting up, eyes closed, listening to Mandy’s voice read some poetry. Suddenly, her eyes flew open as she heard familiar footsteps coming up.

“Well, look at what the Hobbits drug in,” Elwen teased, seeing Tethcelebel and Legolas walk up.

“Funny, Sister,” Legolas tweaked her braid, “how are you?”

“Bored out of my mind,” Elwen laughed.

“Oh,” Mandy glared playfully at her, “so my reading out loud is not interesting then?”

“To be honest….no.” Elwen ducked as Mandy threw a pillow at her.

“Calm down,” Tethcelebel grinned, “you want to come to the feast, don’t you?”

“She is right,” Elwen sighed, “I guess we’d better behave.”

Elwen noticed how her brother looked at Mandy, his eyes seemingly not getting enough of her. She knew he loved her, even if Mandy did not realize to what extent of his love. She was happy for him, knowing that he had always said that he would not ever love because of what had happened to their mother and to Celebrian. He had not wanted to go through that kind of pain again. Elwen also saw how Mandy looked at him. She knew she loved him, but not quite as much as Legolas did her. Elwen always had teased her brother that because he had always denied wanting to love a girl, when he did find the right one, he would fall so deeply in love that he would never know what hit him. Elwen grinned, knowing she was right again.

“Elwen!” Legolas waved his hand in front of her eyes, “I asked you a question.”

“What?” Elwen blinked, not realizing how lost she had been in her thoughts, “I am sorry, Brother. What did you ask?”

“If you would dance with me tonight,” Legolas laughed, avoiding a pillow.

“Cousin,” Tethcelebel shooed Legolas out of the room, “I am going to help them get ready, so get out.”

“I will be looking forward to escorting the three most beautiful elves to the banquet.” Legolas bowed out of the room, closing the door.

Tethcelebel rolled her eyes, helping Mandy into a soft dress that laced up the back. It covered her back, but also was easy to open just in case it started to bleed again. Elwen wore a long dress, which sleeves tied up her arm. Tethcelebel wore a plain silk dress. Her only jewelry was her mother’s pendent and a pearl-studded belt. The three stood, with Elwen and Tethcelebel supporting Mandy between them. They walked down into the feast.

Sleep, my child,
Rest, my love.
Dream a little,
Whilst you sleep.
Sleep, my child,
Rest, my love.
The Valar are
Watching over you.

hi everyone!
this may not come up till i’m back, but i hope you enjoyed it! sorry about the cliffie…not too bad though. i’ll talk to you all later
p.s. i know, wrong elvish. but this time i did make up the song myself


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