A Daughter of the King – Chapter Fifty-Three

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Legolas glanced around. His eyes caught sight of Kris walking about with a tray on one shoulder. He motioned her over. Taking one of the crackers, he leaned down.

“Have you seen Mandy?” he asked her softly.

“Yes,” Kris avoided his eyes, “Dom took her out to the porch.”

“He what?” Legolas growled.

“I’d better be going,” Kris hurriedly went on her way.

Legolas glared at the doorway leading out to the porch. Suddenly he became aware of Orlando waving at him to come over. Sighing, Legolas walked slowly to him.

“Hello,” Orlando smiled at him, “allow me to introduce a friend of mine.”

“Dom,” Legolas said softly, his eyes deadly.

“You know him already?” Orlando looked from one face to the other.

“Yes,” Dom answered, avoiding Legolas’s gaze, “we met at the café a week ago.”

“That’s interesting,” Orlando glanced at the dancers, “I think I’m going to ask that girl for a dance. If you would excuse me.” He sauntered off towards the girl leaving Legolas with Dom. Legolas leaned closer to Dom.

“Where is Mandy?” he growled.

“I don’t know!” Dom said defensively, “She ran in here after–after–well, never mind. But I haven’t seen her since.”

“I haven’t either,” Legolas glanced about, “I do not like this.”

“We’d better find her,” Dom set his glass down, “There’s a lot of people around that just turned up for the party.”

“Luke!” DJ came racing up, breathing heavily, “A man just took Mandy away in a limo. She was out cold!”

“Which way?” Legolas rushed outside.

“Towards the city,” DJ pointed down the road.

“Come,” Dom came outside, slipping into his coat, “we will use my limo.” Legolas nodded and climbed into the car. It sped down the mountain.

“Illuvitar,” Legolas murmured, “have I found her just to lose her again?”

Mandy moaned, shaking her head. Her head felt as if it had been stomped on by horses. She looked around, not recognizing the room.

“Where am I?” she wondered.

“You are in my hotel room,” a man’s voice answered from the doorway.

“Who are you?” Mandy whipped around.

“Come come,” the man stepped into the room, “you can’t have forgotten me that easily, Miss Hunt?”

Mandy’s eyes widened, and she swallowed hard. “Draco.” She whispered, backing away.

“What made Mandy come in without you?” Legolas asked, glancing angrily at Dom.

“Let’s just say I made a rather ungentlemanly request of her,” Dom answered, wincing, “You should be very proud of your girl, my friend. She slaps hard.”

Legolas laughed grimly. “And I slap harder, my friend,” he said warningly.

“I get the idea,” Dom nodded, “And I owe you an apology. I shouldn’t have tried to–well you know. She’s a fine girl.”

“Yes,” Legolas answered glancing out the window, “and whoever took her better hope she’s alive and well.”

“There, you see,” Draco laughed, “I knew you couldn’t have forgotten your old friend.”

“What do you want?” Mandy hissed.

“A little more cooperation from you,” Draco walked over to the bar, “You put me through a lot of trouble…disappearing like you did.” He turned to her, glass in hand, “rather indecent of you.”

“Sorry,” Mandy answered coldly, “you left me no choice.”

“Well took me a long time, but I found you,” Draco took a sip of the wine, “My men spotted you almost immediately. You’re very hard to miss, my dear.”

“That’s a comforting thought,” Mandy said wryly, sitting on a chair, “What do you want?

“You can’t expect me to forget about my greatest spy,” Draco said in amusement, “Now can you?”

“I’m not going back with you, Draco,” Mandy leaped up angrily, “I’ve left that life behind me!”

“No,” Draco suddenly spun and grabbed her by the throat, “you tried to disappear–to hide. From me.” He shook his head and his hand stroked her cheek, “You really think you could disappear from me?” Mandy jerked away, eyes flashing. “There’s the Kela I know.” Draco laughed, “You better make yourself comfortable. We have a long flight in the morning.”

“Flight?” Mandy gasped, “Where?”

“Why,” Draco turned to her, “back home of course.”

“NO!” Mandy cried out, “I’m not going back with you!”

“You have no choice,” Draco snarled, grabbing her and causing her to fall against him, “You belong to me. Or have you forgotten?” he let his hand rest on her right side just below her breast, driving his forefinger in, “My mark is on you.”

“I haven’t forgotten,” she spat back, “but I don’t belong to you anymore! I have a new master!”

“Really?” Draco let her go and, picking up the glass once more, swirled the wine in it, “We will see, Kela.” Mandy collapsed onto the bed, head in her hands. “Get some rest,” Drako fingered her hair. Mandy suddenly cursed him in what sounded like French. “That will get you nowhere,” he laughed, “except make me angry. You wouldn’t want that, would you?”

Mandy spat a few more angry words at him and then stopped. She sat on the bed, gazing at the window.

“Don’t look so sorry,” Draco handed her a drink, “you enjoyed working for me.”

“Not anymore,” Mandy said softly, setting the drink down.

The limo sped down the mountain and entered the town.

“Now where?” Dom said, glancing around.

“I don’t know,” Legolas answered, his eyes taking in everything.

“Well,” Dom motioned for the driver to park, “it’s not a big town. Let’s get out and try to find the other one.”

“Good idea,” Legolas got out of the limo. They both started down the main street, glancing around. Dom suddenly saw someone.

“Luke,” he said softly, “in that bar. Isn’t that the man from the dance?”

Legolas looked and his hands tightened into fists, “Yes.”

“Let’s go in.” Dom looked at him, “don’t cause any attention. We’ll follow him after he leaves.” Legolas nodded, and they entered the bar.

“I don’t understand what has gotten into you,” Draco said from his position by the window, “you used to love working for me.”

“That was before I knew what sort of a man you are,” Mandy retorted, flipping through the channels on the TV.

“Is that all?” Draco turned to her, “My dear, you are the same sort now.”

“You’re wrong,” Mandy snapped, “I am not the same. Did it ever occur to you why I wanted to leave?”

“You were not interested anymore?” Draco shrugged, “Bored? Tired of living dangerously?”

“No,” Mandy looked at him, “I had fun doing what I did, at first. It was exciting and new…but I was hurting my family and my friends.”

“Is that all?” Draco snorted derisively.

“No that isn’t,” Mandy glared at him, “I found my Saviour.”

“You became religious?” Draco grinned, “How marvelous. So am I. Perhaps we could go to service together when we’re back home.”

“You don’t get it, do you?” Mandy shook her head, “I am not religious. I found my Saviour. He’s all that matters to me now.” She looked fearlessly at him, “And He’s the One who will get me out of this.”

“I stopped believing in gods a long time ago, Dear,” Draco downed another drink, “So should you.”

“He’s leaving,” Legolas muttered softly, getting up. He placed a restraining hand on Dom’s shoulder, “If I am not back within two hours, call the police.”

“Alright,” Dom nodded and watched him out of the corner of his eye.

Legolas followed the man carefully. He stayed in the shadows, using all of his Elf abilities to track him. He waited across the street, noting the hotel he went into. Legolas hurried in after him, sinking into a chair and picking up a newspaper. He sat there, waiting. He knew Mandy wouldn’t stay put for very long.

Dom checked his watch: thirty minutes had gone by. “C’mon,” he muttered.

Mandy slipped off her shoes, rubbing her feet. She wished that she had not gone to the dance, that she was still back in Middle-earth with Tethcelebel and Elwen. Sighing she let her hair down, combing her fingers through it. She stiffened as Draco took some of it and rubbed it between his fingers.

“You’ve let it grow,” he said softly, sitting near her.

“Yes,” Mandy answered, standing and walking to the mirror, “I like it this way.”

“Very hard to disguise,” Draco laughed harshly, “You’ll have to cut it short again.”

“That’s assuming I go with you,” Mandy smiled coldly, her eyes deadly, “I won’t go without a fight.”

“You tried that before,” Draco came up behind her, “Or don’t you remember?”

Mandy froze: she remembered. She had tried to get away before, many times in fact. She had nearly made it the first time but then Draco himself caught her. They fought long and hard. Mandy had gotten beat badly: jaw broken, black eyes, cuts and bruises all over among other things. She had to have many stitches, especially for one large gash across her forehead. After she was well again, Draco had made her get his mark tattooed on her stomach. She rubbed it unconsciously as she remembered that day. They had pinned her down and–and…she shook her head from the memory.

“Yes,” Mandy answered quietly, her jaw clenched, “I remember.” She looked at him, “But this time I will die before I work with you again.”

“That could be arranged,” Draco said angrily.

Legolas looked at the large clock in the lobby. It had been an hour and a half. “Aarien,” Legolas thought, “please fight.”

Mandy glanced up as one of Draco’s henchmen entered the room. “It’s all set,” he said, “Here are the tickets.”

“Good,” Draco took them and placed them in his coat pocket. He nodded roughly towards Mandy, “Get the lady whatever she wants,” he said, “I’m going out for a walk.” He went towards the door and then turned, “If she gets away,” he threatened softly, “I will kill you. She’s more valuable than any of my men.” He left the room.

Legolas looked up as an elevator opened. A tall man with a long coat strode out. He placed a hat on his head as he walked out the door. Legolas felt an uncanny feeling to follow him. He struggled for a few seconds, and then strode after him.

Mandy watched the man guarding her out of the corner of her eye. She wasn’t blind to the way his gaze went over her when he thought she wasn’t looking. “Lord,” she prayed, “what am I to do? You know my old life…I thought I left that when I left him. Yet he shows up again!” she sighed, “Show me what to do.”

Mandy glanced at the man, a plan forming in her head. “Hey,” she called to him, motioning him over, “what is your name?”

“Jacque,” he answered, smiling at her.

“Jacque,” she tried the name out, “it is a good name.”

“Thank you,” Jacque sat down next to her, laying his hand with the gun on the bed, “How can I help you?”

“Well…” Mandy smiled disarmingly at him while her hand stole behind him. Before he knew it, she had his gun against his head, “You can go sit in the chair.” She said in a tone that meant no arguments.

“What are you doing?” Jacque questioned.

“I’m escaping,” Mandy rolled her eyes, “what else?” She kept the gun trained on him. “Now how am I supposed to tie you up?” she muttered. Suddenly Mandy slammed the butt of the gun against his head. His form grew limp and his head lolled to one side.

“Sorry about that, mate,” Mandy said, hiding the gun in her dress, “but I have to go without worrying about you informing Draco.” She groaned as the dress tangled up in her feet, “Blast this dress!” she said in exasperation. She glanced around and saw an unopened suitcase. She smiled grimly, “Always think of everything, don’t you Draco?”

Mandy lifted the suitcase carefully and opened it. There lay dark clothes her size. She took the suitcase and went into the bathroom. Mandy slid the dress off and pulled on the clothes. Her back was to the mirror as she got dressed–she wanted to avoid seeing herself. Mandy shoved the dress and shoes into the suitcase and slammed it shut. Finally, she turned around–her mouth tightening in anger.

Black pants brushed her ankles–boots laced up to her calves tightly but comfortably. The black shirt revealed a little cleavage–it clung tightly to her form and its sleeves were long, able to hide sheaths for knives.
The long black trench-coat shrouded her body–it fit and clung to her like a glove.

Mandy glared hatefully at her reflection, her eyes becoming hard. “Alright,” she slipped the gun in her boot-holster, “let’s get out of here.” Mandy placed the suitcase back where she found it, almost throwing it into the closet.

Mandy glanced at the man still unconscious. “You need to get better men, Draco,” she laughed softly and stole out of the room. She pulled the trench-coat about her as she trudged to the elevators. She entered one and stood silently, waiting for it to descend. Mandy shook slightly, remembering about her old life.

She had been a spy–a spy for Draco. She had stolen countless things for him, becoming the best. He had taught her everything he knew, and in return she did anything he asked. Mandy glanced at her hands, closing them into fists: she had even killed. She was so young…so very young when Draco got a hold of her. She had been on a trip to Europe with her school and had gotten lost in Paris. Draco had found her and taken her with him. She would not see her parents for three years…not until she had gotten away from Draco. Mandy was placed in protective custody of the police. They had relocated her family many places, finally to this resort. After another three years of no sound from Draco, Mandy had relaxed and had tried to forget about being his–his henchwoman. She had gone to church and finally had found forgiveness and a new life. Everything had been going great until a letter she got in the mail. It was typed in capital letters and simply said: I FOUND YOU.
She had hid it, hoping that it was just a prank, a joke someone had played on her. Then a few months later she had gone to Middle-earth.

Mandy was now eighteen–an adult. She smiled grimly. An adult. She had seen and done more things as a fourteen year old than most adults would ever do.

“Peace,” a Voice whispered to her, “You are mine. Remember?” His tone carried love and a little chastisement, “Do not be afraid. I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

“Forgive me, Lord,” Mandy murmured, “Please help me through this.” She stepped softly from the elevator, glancing warily around. Mandy needed to go to the police, she knew that. It was getting there that was the problem. She strode out of the lobby, ignoring the looks from some of the guests. She had to get across town without Draco catching up to her.

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that’s all i’m saying


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