A Daughter of the King – Chapter Fifty-One

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A week later, Mandy was up and walking with the help of her crutches. She wandered down the path towards the resort. Legolas walked easily next to her, his feet leaving practically no imprint.

“You have not lost your Elvishness,” Mandy teased, watching him walk on top of the snow.

“Neither have you,” Legolas retorted glancing at her. She looked at him, puzzled.

“What do you mean?” she wondered, “I am not an Elf anymore…well for that matter I never really was.”

“No?” Legolas raised an eyebrow, “Then why is your jacket undone when everyone else’s is buttoned as far as they could go?”

“I’m not cold,” Mandy answered.

“I see,” Legolas laughed, “and that must be the reason why you are not shivering, your cheeks are not red from the cold, and you are walking on top of the snow like me.”

“What?” Mandy said incredulously, “That’s not the reason why. I am not cold because I am not cold. And I am NOT walking on top of the snow.”

“You aren’t,” Legolas grinned and swiftly lifted her off the path and into the woods, “Let’s see you walk now.” Mandy just rolled her eyes at him and got back onto the path easily. “Mandy,” he motioned behind her. She looked and gasped. There were no tracks from where she had been.

“How can that be?” Mandy gaped, “I am not an Elf!”

“I’m afraid I will have to disagree with you,” Legolas burst into laughter that echoed throughout the woods, “you are still an elf, M’lady.”

“But why?” Mandy wondered, “Besides I don’t have the features of an elf!”

“On the contrary,” Legolas stepped closer to her and brushed her cheek with his hand, “You are very beautiful and your ears–“

“My ears?” Mandy giggled, “My ears, Legolas. They are beautiful too?”

“Aarien!” Legolas growled playfully, “Do not get me angry.”

“What are you going to do?” Mandy teased, “Hurt me? Sorry, Dear Sir, that is already taken care–” She gasped and started hurrying away on her crutches as Legolas bent down. He grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at her. She winced as it hit her square in the back.

“Alright,” Mandy glared at him as she shook snow out of her hair, “You asked for it.”

So saying she went behind some rocks and started throwing snowballs at him. He dove for cover and went after her with the same fervor as she did. Mandy leaned her crutches up against the rocks and knelt in the snow, poised to throw the snowball. She dove up and let loose before she realized that Legolas had disappeared.

“Wha…?” Mandy glanced around, trying to find him. She heard him too late, and he pelted her nonstop with snowballs from behind her. “LEGOLAS!!” she yelled out, while protecting her head, “If I ever get my hands on you!!”

“You’ll what?” Legolas smirked.

“I don’t know!” Mandy ducked as he threw another one, “but I’ll do something!”

Then the snowballs stopped. She lifted her head and grabbed a snowball, waiting. The forest was silent, too silent. She strained her ears to hear anything. Suddenly she heard a sound from her left. She whipped around only to be half-tackled by him. He pinned her down, tickling her ribs.

“AH!” she screamed in laughter, “Legolas! DARO! Daro!! (Stop, stop)”

Legolas laughed, his hands not letting up. She struggled in vain, trying to escape him. Her hair was flying all over the snow and her crutches were knocked to the ground. Legolas suddenly looked down at her and stopped. His eyes took in her flushed face and dancing eyes, her hair had specks of snow in it. He leaned down and kissed her softly. She closed her eyes, forgetting about everything. All of a sudden she heard footsteps coming along the path. Mandy gasped and pushed him away.

“What?” Legolas glanced confusedly at her, “What is wrong?”

“There is someone coming,” Mandy answered, searching for her crutches. Seeing his confused look she continued, “They don’t know that I love–love you.”

“Oh,” Legolas grinned, “alright then. Have it your way.” He helped her up, and they went back along the path. They continued on until they caught sight of the other person.

“Oh my gosh,” Mandy couldn’t believe her eyes, “it’s Orlando Bloom!”

“Who?” Legolas was even more confused.

“No-one,” Mandy answered, looking around frantically for a place to avoid him.

Legolas shook his head and pushed her off the path. He held firmly to her arm, prohibiting any escape. “What is wrong, Aarien?” he asked softly as the footsteps came closer.

“I…I…” Mandy stuttered and then Orlando Bloom walked by. He wore a beanie and a snow-jacket. Under his arm was a snowboard and he didn’t bother to wear dark sunglasses. He was recognizable to anyone.

Legolas shook his head, “Why were you so afraid to pass him?”

“I don’t know,” Mandy shrugged sheepishly, “I guess cause I’m still not used to being around movie stars.” She added mentally, “Especially hot ones.”

“Come on,” Legolas took her arm and led her down the path, “let’s go see if we can calm your nerves before you do something stupid–again.”

“Thanks a lot,” Mandy muttered, choosing to ignore Legolas’s laughter.

Mandy laughed as she and DJ shared a joke. They were sitting at a table in the small café, waiting for the rest of the `gang’ to arrive from their various jobs. The café was in the resort and was a popular hang-out for many of the guests and workers. It could be described like a `Starbucks’, but it was not that coffee shop. Legolas looked around, spotting Kris getting off her skateboard, and Alli’s truck pulling up beside her. Out of it jumped Alli and Sam, both still wearing their waitress outfits. Joe slid up on his snowboard, shooting snow as he went. They slapped hands and shoulders, grinning as they walked into the shop.

“Hey guys!” Mandy waved, “Over here!”

“Hey,” Alli grinned as she plopped down next to her, “you got our favourite table.”

“I haven’t been gone that long,” Mandy hit her shoulder playfully.

“Where were you all that time?” Kris suddenly asked.

Mandy froze, her face going ashen. She racked her brain, trying to figure out an answer for her when their gazes were drawn to the door as a girl gasped loudly: in walked Johnny Depp and his girlfriend with their two little kids in tow. Suddenly the little girl caught sight of Sam and raced to her.

“Sam!” she squealed in glee, jumping into her lap.

“Hello,” Sam laughed, tickling her, “you’re supposed to stay with your parents, Silly.” She got up and carried her back over to them. She talked easily with Johnny Depp and his wife, acting as if there was nothing different about them. Then she strode back to the table and sat down.

“Wow,” Alli laughed, “you handled that pretty well.”

“Oh sure,” Sam grinned ruefully, “and my hands shake like this all the time.” Sure enough, her hands were shaking so hard that she could barely pick up a glass.

“Calm down,” Joe placed a hand on her shoulder, “it’s not like he’s going to bite.”

“Joe,” Sam looked straight at him, “it’s Johnny Depp. The guy people voted sexiest man of the year. I know he won’t bite.” She rolled her eyes in exasperation as the girls chuckled.

“Wow,” Mandy glanced at her friends, “you guys certainly have met a ton of movie-stars.”

“Not really,” Kris laughed, “just babysat for a lot of them.” The others laughed with her, grinning at each other. Kris noticed that Legolas wasn’t wearing his beanie and watched as he tucked a random strand of hair behind his pointed ears.

“Dude!” Kris exclaimed, “Where’d you get your ears done like that, Luke?”

Legolas exchanged worried glances with Mandy. “I–I was born with them,” Legolas answered, wondering how much he could keep to himself.

“No way!” DJ entered the conversation, equally interested, “That’s awesome!”

“You could be like an Elf or something!” Kris laughed but then stopped, looked at him and back at Mandy, her eyes widening.

“Yeah,” Legolas laughed with her, “I’ve been told that many times.”

“Too much Lord of the Rings, Kris,” Mandy forced a laugh, “well, we’d better be getting back home.” She stood and hurried outside with Legolas following. Her friends looked at each other and shrugged. They went back to their conversations, forgetting about Legolas’s ears. Suddenly Kris stood.

“Hey guys,” Kris shouldered her backpack, “I got get home. I’ll see ya tomorrow.”

“Your skateboard’s in the back of my truck,” Alli grinned and waved.

“Yeah,” Kris nodded from the doorway, “Thanks for letting me stash it there!”

Kris hurriedly grabbed her skateboard and went racing down the path after Legolas and Mandy. She saw them up ahead.

“Hey wait up!” she yelled and then said disgustedly to a guy in front of her that had stopped and glanced at her hopefully, “No not you! I don’t even know you!”

Legolas and Mandy glanced back and stopped, waiting.

“What’s up Kris?” Mandy said forcing herself to be at ease.

“Mandy,” Kris looked from Legolas to Mandy and back again, “we need to talk.”

An hour later, the three of them were sitting up in Mandy’s room. Legolas was gazing out the window while Mandy was looking at Kris. They had wandered along the path, talking lightheartedly about their childhood and had had food at Mandy’s house. Finally, they went up to her room.

“Alright,” Mandy said, “what is it?”

“Where were you for those five months, Mandy?” Kris asked bluntly, “And don’t give me this crap about amnesia or anything. I know you. You didn’t have amnesia.”

“What are you talking about?” Mandy bluffed, hiding her fright.

“Where’d the Elf come from?” Kris pointed at Legolas, who stiffened but still didn’t turn around.

“Elf?” Mandy glanced around, “What Elf?”

“Mandy,” Kris’s mouth turned up wryly, “You are a terrible liar.”

“So what?” Mandy gulped.

“I want the truth.” Kris looked at her, “Is that so hard? Can’t you trust me?”

Mandy’s shoulders drooped, and she finally nodded softly. “Alright,” she whispered, “I’ll tell you.”

“NO!” Legolas whirled around, “You don’t need to tell her anything!”

“But Leg–” Mandy began.

“No,” Legolas turned to Kris and grabbed her. He yanked her up and slammed her against the wall, pinning her, “You breathe one word of this to anyone–anyone who could hurt her, and I will kill you.”

“What…what’s he talking about?” Kris squirmed under his gaze, truly frightened, “Mandy?” Her voice shook slightly, seeing the coldness in Legolas’s eyes.

“I was in Middle-earth, Kris,” Mandy sighed, her eyes staring at a pillow, “Middle-earth.

“What?” Kris breathed in disbelief.

Mandy glanced up and saw that Legolas was still holding Kris against the wall, “Leithia i dís, Legolas (Release her, Legolas).”

Legolas looked at her and then let go of Kris. She dropped to her knees, fingers on her throat.

“Dude,” she gasped, “you need to relax.” Legolas merely stood next to Mandy, his hand on her shoulder protectively. Kris looked at them and suddenly laughed. “Mandy!” Kris teased, “Why didn’t you tell you and–and–what is his name?–are a couple.”

“Because you wouldn’t have believed me if I told you,” Mandy snapped, “and his name is Legolas.”

“Legolas?!” Kris’s eyes went wide, “As in Legolas son of Thranduil?!?”

“Yes as in Legolas Thranduilion,” Mandy ran a hand through her hair.

“Dang,” Kris sat on the floor suddenly, “I never would have believed it.”

“I told you!” Mandy shook her head, “This is why I didn’t and won’t say anything! People would think I was crazy.”

“Hey,” Kris protested, “I never said you were crazy. It’s just a lot to take in right now.”

“I know, mellon,” Mandy whispered, her hand finding Legolas’s and grasping it.

“No way!” Kris grinned, “You know Elvish too?!?”

“Oh boy,” Mandy rolled her eyes.

“You’d best tell her the whole story,” Legolas said softly in Elvish.

“But does she really need to know?” Mandy asked in kind.

Yes,” Legolas smiled down at her and placed a soft kiss on her brow, “I think it would do you both good.”

“Hello?” Kris waved a hand, “Sorry to interrupt this tender moment, but not all of us know Elvish. Would someone please explain?”

“Ok,” Mandy laughed, “but it’s going to be a long story.”

“Great,” Kris settled herself more comfortably, “I love stories.”

Mandy shook her head and began to relate everything that happened to her in Middle-earth. When she was done, Kris sat staring at her.

“Phew,” Kris shook her head and whistled slightly, “that was some adventure! And Legolas? How are you going to get home?”

“I don’t know,” Legolas shrugged ruefully, “I don’t even know how I got here.”

“You believe me then?” Mandy smiled in relief.

“Of course!” Kris cocked her head, “Have you told your parents?”

“No!” Mandy said vehemently, “I don’t want them to think I’m crazy. After Dr–I mean–after Paris…they don’t pry. If I don’t say anything, they won’t ask. They know I wasn’t kidnapped…I told them that much.” She shrugged, “I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“Well,” Kris flashed a grin, “don’t say anything. Let them think what they want. I agree, it’s better than having them think you are crazy. Besides, I think they are smarter than you think.” She got up and gave her a quick hug, “don’t worry, Luke–Legolas. I won’t say anything.” Kris waved goodbye and headed out the door, holding her board loosely and comfortably.

“You were right, melesnin,” Mandy whispered as Legolas came over, “that did help.”

***Author’s Note***
don’t worry, it will all be explained soon did you like it? kinda laid back and easy going. fun stuff you know



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