A Daughter of the King – Chapter Fifty-Four

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Legolas followed Draco and watched as he went into a bar that was open all night. Legolas waited a few minutes and went in as well. He took a seat at the far corner and watched Draco steadily. There was much smoke floating around and the light was dim. No one noticed the blond man in the corner. Suddenly Draco’s phone went off. He picked it up and started visibly. He yelled at the person on the other end in French. He swiftly paid and left. Legolas leaped up after him, knowing somehow that this was the man who had kidnapped Mandy.

Draco hurriedly called his other men. “After her!” he practically screamed into the phone, “I want you to find her and bring her to me!” he slammed the phone shut, “You won’t get away this time, Kela.” He muttered darkly.

Dom couldn’t stand it anymore. It had been a little less than two hours. He left money on the table and went out. He climbed into his limo and ordered the driver to go to the police. On the way there, he dialed 911.

Mandy went swiftly and quietly through alleyways and back-streets. She froze as she heard voices–voices speaking in French. She ducked into a shadowed corner behind some bins. Two of Draco’s men walked by her, looking around. She kept still and quiet, waiting for them to leave. They walked by and disappeared around the corner. Mandy jumped up and retraced her steps. She ran quickly, knowing Draco must know she was gone by now. She checked her watch: it had been about thirty minutes since she left. More than enough time for Jacque to wake and call Draco.

Suddenly Mandy ran straight into a dark alley and became aware of men’s voices. Then she heard one that she dreaded.

“Good show,” Draco laughed evilly from the shadows, “I knew you’d come this way.”

“Draco you–you” Mandy yelled angrily, whirling around. She started sprinting towards the other end when it was blocked by several of his men. She slid to a stop and faced them, her eyes deadly.

“Poor Kela,” Draco taunted, “no where for the little fox to run. That is what you are, isn’t it? A fox. That is what I named you for you were sly like a fox.” He came close, so close that his face was just inches away, “And you became my very own fox.” He placed a hand on her face. Mandy slapped him with all her strength, and Draco laughed, catching her wrist. “Where were you off to?” he asked.

“The police,” Mandy snarled, jerking her wrist away from him, “To report you so that they could lock you up.” she glared at him, her eyes flashing angrily, “If I’m a fox, Draco, then you are a snake.”

“A snake?” Draco’s eyes glittered in the moonlight, “Surely you can come up with something better–“

All of a sudden there was a commotion at the far end of the alley. Three of the henchmen came up, dragging a body. Mandy gasped as she saw Legolas, his brow dripping blood.

“Ah,” Draco looked down at him, “friend of yours?”

“No,” Mandy looked away, “I’ve never seen him before.”

“You know,” Draco made her look at him, “there is one thing you never learned how to do very well.”

Mandy licked her lips, “What?”

“To lie.” Draco glanced at Legolas who was starting to struggle.

“Mandy!” Legolas saw her and strove to get away from the hands holding him down.

Draco came over and grabbed Legolas’s hair, pulling his face up, “Look at her!” he spat, “for the last time.

“I told you I wasn’t coming without a fight, Draco,” Mandy said softly but her eyes were like that of a cornered animal: deadly and dangerous.

“Look at her,” Draco ordered his men, “this is when the vixen is the deadliest.” He motioned with his head for them to drag Legolas back, “You want a fight?” he stated, “Then let’s fight.”

Dom reached the police and told them everything he knew. Soon all of the squad cars were being called and ordered to comb the city to find Mandy. Dom stayed at the office, waiting for a call.

Legolas winced as Draco gave a blow to Mandy that sent her staggering back. Mandy wiped her mouth and found blood. She grinned coldly and fought back. They ducked and weaved almost identically. Suddenly Mandy whirled and kicked Draco in the stomach. He flew backwards, his breath knocked out of him.

“Now,” Draco snarled, “you have made me mad.”

He came at her with such force that it was all she could do to block his blows. Mandy dodged to the side of him, ducking his fist. She brought her fist down hard against his neck. He whirled and grabbed her arm, meaning to pull it out of socket. She turned with him and ended up kicking him in the groin, hard. Draco fell to his knees, gasping in breath. Mandy stood there, breathing hard. All of a sudden, she saw a flash. Draco had drawn a dagger. Mandy leaped back as he sliced at her. Mandy caught his wrist, striving against him. He wrenched his wrist free and grabbed her. Draco smiled grimly, slicing her across the face. He stabbed her in the ribs and then hurled her away. She cried out in pain.

Mandy flew back and hit the brick-wall, falling heavily to the ground. She heard his laughter and could feel the blood pouring from her two open wounds. Draco had cut her above her right eye to her lower left cheek. She gazed up at him, blood impeding her vision. Mandy looked over at Legolas who was fighting furiously with his captors. He met her eyes and mouthed the word no. She automatically placed a hand against her ribs, stemming the flow of blood. Mandy glanced back at Draco who was coming at her, intending on killing her.

Legolas was enraged. He tried to get out of his captors’ hands but there were too many holding him down. He met Mandy’s eyes and knew that look in her eyes. He had seen it before in men’s eyes that had gone to battle: it was the look of death.

“No!” he cried out, reverting to Elvish, “Don’t give up, Aarien! Don’t you dare give up!”

Mandy didn’t hear him anymore. She couldn’t hear anything. Suddenly a soft voice whispered, “Don’t give up. Keep fighting, Mandy. You have something yet to do.” Mandy glanced down at her hands: they were covered in blood, her own blood. Then she was filled with such peace, knowing that everything was in God’s hands. Mandy shoved herself to her feet, her eyes glowing with passion.

“Now let’s end this, Draco,” she said softly and deadly.

“If you wish,” Draco snarled, raising the knife.

Mandy saw the knife coming towards her again. She grabbed his arm, her strength against his. Suddenly Mandy slammed his wrist against her knee, causing him to drop the knife. She kicked it out of his reach. Draco came at her again and she dodged him, laughing. Mandy ducked and spun so swiftly that it was hard for Draco to see her. She slammed her foot into his stomach, causing him to fall. He brought his leg up behind her and dropped her as well. They lay there panting. Draco leapt up and drew a pistol. He pointed it at her.

“Don’t move,” he snarled.

“Draco,” Mandy looked up at him, “there is one thing you have forgotten.”

“What is that?” Draco hissed.

“You taught me.” Mandy leaped up, kicking his wrist as she did so, driving her full strength into it. Draco dropped the gun, his wrist broken. She instantly slammed her arms against his neck, causing him to drop. Mandy picked up the gun and pointed it at him.

“You taught me to fight,” she said, her hand shaking, “you taught me to kill, to steal, to spy.”

“What of it?” Draco sneered, “Go ahead. Kill me. And you will be Kela Hunt, Draco’s spy.”

“No,” Mandy lowered the gun, “because I am not you.” She turned as sirens came blazing close. Draco’s men let Legolas go and raced away. Draco started to get up, but Legolas slammed him back down, holding him none too gently.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you,” he said driving his knee into Draco’s chest.

The police came and pulled Draco up. They handcuffed him and took him away. Mandy gazed at Legolas as he came towards her. She swayed suddenly, blacking out. Legolas caught her up in his arms and then carried her to the ambulance where the paramedics placed her onto a stretcher. They started giving her oxygen but not before she had mouthed, “Will you come with me this time?”

Legolas smiled and climbed in next to her, holding her hand as the ambulance drove off with sirens screaming. Her parents and Dom met them at the hospital. Her mom cried out as she saw Mandy unconscious. The paramedics hurried Mandy away into the ER while Legolas explained all that had happened. Maire hugged Legolas for helping Mandy, and Jack shook his hand gratefully, his eyes saying more than words. Then her friends all came rushing in. They all sat and waited for what seemed like hours. At last a young doctor came out.

“Mr. Scott?” he turned to Jack.

“Yes.” Jack came over, “How is she?”

“She will live,” he answered, “she sustained substantial injuries, but none of them were deadly although had the stab in her ribs gone a few inches higher that would be a different story. She will have to stay in the hospital for a week at least.”

“Can we see her?” Maire asked softly.

“Of course,” the doctor smiled, “right this way.”

Mandy lay on a hospital bed, her face wound in bandages. She glanced up at her parents as they walked in. When DJ winked at her, she smiled and then winced as her lip cracked open.

“Hi,” she whispered.

“Sh…” Jack brushed her hair back, “don’t talk sweetheart.”

“We just want you to know how much we love you,” Maire said, taking her hand. Mandy squeezed her hand, closing her eyes as tears spilled down her cheeks.

“I love you too,” she murmured hoarsely. She met Legolas’s eyes. He smiled at her as she fell asleep.

***Author’s Note***
there! happy ending…somewhat. hope you all enjoyed her battle.


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