A Daughter of the King – Chapter Fifty-Five

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A month after her dealings with Draco, Mandy had to testify against him in court. She came with the new scar still fresh on her face. Draco got life in prison and was lucky he did not get the death sentence. Mandy’s life slowly returned back to normal. She had the tattoo removed over a series of weeks. Legolas hardly left Mandy’s side.

As spring bloomed, they walked for hours in the forest, talking of Middle-earth, Ilúvatar, and the Bible. Mandy showed him many of her favourite verses. She wore his necklace and an old diamond Star of David. It was very special to her because she had gotten it for her sixteenth birthday. One conversation that they always talked about was if and how they were going to go back to Middle-earth. Mandy had thought about it and had decided that she wanted to go back with him if they were able to. One night…

Mandy tossed and turned, dreaming. She hadn’t had any real dreams (i.e., ones that came true) since she got back from Middle-earth, but now she was. She and Legolas were walking through the woods behind her house. They came upon a clearing with two trees standing like pillars. There seemed nothing interesting about them until they walked through and found themselves back at Lorien. Mandy woke up sweating. “That’s how we are going to go back!” she thought excitedly. She leaped out of bed and raced down the stairs. She found Legolas sitting outside under the stars. She hurriedly told him about the trees.

“Let’s go at once!” Legolas said, jumping up.

Mandy ran back into the house and threw a few things in a backpack. She took one more glance about her room and wondered if she should leave a note for her parents or not. She scribbled:

Dear Mum and Dad,
I know you won’t believe me when I tell you this, but Luke’s real name is Legolas. He is an Elf and Middle-earth does exist. That’s where I’ve been for the last five months, and I’ve decided to go back there with him. I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him. Know that I love you guys so much! I will think of you often.
Love your daughter,
Mandy aka Aarien
P.S. Don’t try to find me, I’m not where you can get to.

Then she tore it up and threw it into the waste-basket. “I can’t tell them where I’m going,” Mandy thought, “maybe it’s just best that I disappear again and let them think what they want,” she smiled sadly, leaving out her thick, three-in-one volume of The Lord of the Rings, “Maybe they’ll get the hint. That’s the best I can do,” Mandy murmured to herself, praying that they would understand. She put on her backpack, went downstairs, and out the door.

“Come on, Aarien,” Legolas urged Mandy, racing ahead of her. There were the trees that Mandy had seen in a dream. Legolas stood on the edge uncertainly while Mandy came up behind him.

“This is the right place, Legolas,” Mandy breathed out, feeling the air tingle, “Can you not feel the breeze of Lorien coming from this place?”

“Aye,” Legolas smiled, whirling her about, “it will feel so good to be back home.” He took a stone and threw it in between the trees. They both gasped as the stone disappeared. Legolas grinned, getting ready to go through.

“Legolas,” Mandy said, eyeing the space, “I think it will only fit one person at a time.”

“Well, ladies first,” Legolas teased, bowing.

“No,” Mandy said, “you go first. I…I want to take a look around first.”

“I see,” Legolas smiled, “say goodbye, you mean. Very well, I will see you over there.” He grabbed her around the waist and kissed her gently. Mandy closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his arms about her waist. Legolas gave her a wave and stepped through. For a few seconds nothing happened, and then she gaped as he wasn’t there anymore.

Legolas fell with a crash. He rolled from between two large Mallorn trees and recognized Lorien instantly. He turned and waited for Mandy. “You could have made it an easier landing,” Legolas grumbled slightly, shaking his head.

Mandy was set to go through the trees when she got an uneasy feeling. It felt like someone was calling her name. She turned but didn’t see anyone. Mandy shrugged and was on the very edge of the trees, just getting ready to step through when someone did call her name–firmly. She whipped around and saw an angel, shining brightly. Mandy trembled violently, looking at it in wonder.

“Peace, Mandy,” the angel calmed her fear, “my Lord tells me to say to you: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (Jerimiah 29:11).” Then the angel disappeared.

Mandy knelt down, crying. She knew what He had meant by saying that verse.

“Lord,” Mandy cried out, “I love him. Why do You want me to leave him??”

“Does Mandy love God for naught?” a small still voice whispered in her ear, “Trust in My Father, trust also in Me. Your part in this world has not ended.”

“Lord,” Mandy cried, knowing in her heart what He asked of her, “can You not also use me in Arda?” Mandy questioned softly, her eyes red from weeping. Her heart seemed to stop and break as the answer came.
“Do you love Me, Mandy?” He whispered again, “You have played your part in Arda.” His voice was stern but kindly, “and it is finished. Your part is here now.”

“Oh Lord,” Mandy murmured, “give me strength.” She stood, a firm resolve in her eyes. Mandy looked longingly at the space, knowing that she could go through it and be with Legolas forever; but Mandy also knew that she loved Jesus, her Lord, more than anyone else in the world. So, she made her decision.

Legolas looked at the space confusedly. He couldn’t understand why she had not come yet. He waited impatiently when suddenly something came from the trees and dropped next to him: it was a cloth box. He recognized it as one of Mandy’s, a prized one of hers in fact. Leoglas shrugged, opening it. Inside laid her necklace, the small silver Star of David that had diamonds set into it. Legolas knew instantly that she wasn’t coming with him. He turned and ran between the two trees, only to find that he could not go back. It did not let him.

“NO!” Legolas cried in pain, “Aarien! Aarien!! Aarien,” he murmured her name over and over, kneeling on the ground, clutching the necklace to himself, “why? Why?” He suddenly felt paper brushing against his hand. He looked down and found that there was a note in the box. He opened it and saw that it was from Mandy: it was written in her easy flowing script, though it had wavered in spots. The letter read thus:

My dearest Legolas,
I know how this must pain you for it grieves me more than words can say. I was ready and willing to come back with you to Middle Earth and even to Valinor, but I…I heard a voice. It was an angel who spoke a Scripture verse to me. You remember, it is one of my favorites that I showed you. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” I heard those words and was uneasy. I did not know if this was the plan for me by my Lord Jesus. Then He spoke to me. He asked if I loved Him for naught. I knew instantly that this was not His plan for me. I belong to this world, you in Middle Earth. Oh, I argued with Him several times, but He said that my part in Arda is over. I am in pain as much as you. But you, you belong in Middle Earth. You need to go to Valinor. I know you will try to come back to me, but I urge you not to. Illuvitar has separated us by a greater barrier than we could ever go over: Him. I love you, melesnin, and always will. I pray that I will see you again someday. Until then, may the grace of the Valar watch over you. Namaarie, nai hir-uva-lye Valimar.

Yours forever,

“My love,” Legolas murmured, tears streaming down his face. He turned away and walked dully up the path back to Caras Galadhrim. He was greeted by his cousin, sister, and Gimli. Elwen had come up and started asking questions when she saw his pain. She hugged him, knowing what was wrong the minute Mandy had not been with him. Tethcelebel only looked at him with eyes that reminded him of Galadriel’s: her eyes were full of pain and sorrow for him. Legolas spent the rest of the years in Middle-earth almost in a daze.

When word came that Aragorn had died, Legolas had no wish to stay in Arda any longer. Then Legolas built a grey ship in Ithilien, and sailed down Anduin and so over the Sea; and with him, it is said, went Gimli the Dwarf; also his sister Elwen and their cousin Tethcelebel, granddaughter of Galadriel, for it was her time to sail. It is said that they took their lifelong friend, Ohtarwen one of the last of the line of Dunadain with them as well. She was old now, over one hundred, but when they reached Valinor she became young again as she was before the Great Battle. Their lives on that earth had ended. And when that ship passed an end was come in Middle-earth of the Fellowship of the Ring.
(ROTK- Appendices)

Mandy lay weeping on the ground, when a sharp flash startled her. She looked up and leaped away as a bright light shone through the trees. She walked over to it, glancing at the burn marks on the trees. Mandy tossed a stick through, seeing it land on the other side. Sighing, she shouldered her backpack and hiked back to her house. Her mother looked up as she came in.

“Hi, honey,” she said, “where’s Luke?”

“He’s gone home, Mum,” Mandy answered softly, “he’s gone home.”

Farewell, be it that thou wilt find Valimar.

***Author’s Note***
*cowers behind a large stone* before you kill me cause of the ending, there is an epilogue coming! REPEAT: epilogue is on its way!! whew…anywhoo, did you guys like it? i know it’s sad but this seemed like a better ending and it fits good with what else i do. that’s all i’ll say for now.
watch for the epilogue


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