A Daughter of the King – Chapter Fifteen

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Mandy walked quickly through the levels of Minas Tirith. She said the passwords to the gatekeepers, going up towards the palace. She was thinking of what Legolas had said, and what she had said.

“Is it really in my blood? Will I really go back to Lothlorien?” she thought, almost wishing it to be so. She bumped into Frodo coming out of the gate.

“H’llo, Lady,” Frodo bowed slightly, “how are you?”

“E milya an Lothlorien.”* Mandy answered, smiling down at him, “And I’ve asked you to call me Mandy.”

“I am sorry, Mandy.” Frodo paused, seeing that her mind was elsewhere, “I should go.”

“Frodo, wait.” Mandy stopped him, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ignore you. Come. Walk with me in the garden?”

Frodo nodded, and they walked silently through it. Frodo noticed how softly Mandy walked, and that her feet left no prints at all.

“Mandy, what are you thinking of?” he asked.

“What? Oh, I was just thinking about…” she stopped, “it doesn’t matter. How are you feeling?”

“All well,” Frodo answered, “and ready to go home.” He sighed, looking at his hand. He knew that things would never be the same at the Shire.

“Oh, Frodo, I understand. Believe me, I do.” Mandy laughed softly, “Though now, I almost wish I hadn’t looked into the mirror.”

“What?” Frodo glanced at her.

“Lady Galadriel…I looked into her mirror and saw that I go home. I just don’t know when.” Mandy replied, sitting down on a bench. Frodo stood, being able to look her in the eyes.

“Have you told Aragorn?” Frodo questioned.

“No, I do not wish to, since I have no idea when or if it is just a…a picture.” she explained, “Please do not say anything to him.”

“But why? Do you not wish for your father to know that you are going back to wherever you came from?” Frodo gazed at her in amazement.

“Yes, of course. It is just that…I…I will tell him when I think that it is time. I do not even know if it will happen. For all I know I may be stuck here for the rest of my life.” Mandy shook her head angrily.

“Which could be a very long time, since you are an elf, and elves do not die.” Frodo joked, laughter sparkling in his eyes.

Mandy didn’t reply, but slowly a smile appeared on her face. Then she started to chuckle, and then laughed in earnest. She wiped at the tears flowing down her face.

“Master Hobbit, I think I will come visit you in the Shire. For if all Hobbits are like you, so carefree and joking, I do believe it would be a nice experience.” Mandy stood, “I should go find my father now.”

Frodo nodded, “I will go find my kin. It was good talking with you, Lady Aarien.”

Mandy smiled and walked swiftly to the palace. She found Aragorn in the throne room with Gandalf, a man, and a lady she didn’t know. The lady wasn’t an elf, or the man either. The lady had long blond hair and was slim. She was dressed in a long, plain-white gown, with sleeves that billowed out at the elbows. She wore a dark belt around her waist. Her blue eyes had happiness along with sadness in them. The man was dressed in a dark tunic. It was worn, as if he had been riding hard. He had dark blond hair and beard, and his eyes that matched the lady’s.

“They must be related. Brother and sister maybe…” Mandy thought. She turned to leave. She could see that Aragorn was busy talking.

“Aarien. Come here.” Aragorn called.

“Yes, Ada?” Mandy walked up to him.

“I would like you to meet Eomer and Eowyn of Rohan.” Aragorn turned to them, “This is my adopted daughter, Aarien.”

Eomer bowed, while Eowyn curtsied. Mandy smiled and gave a deep curtsy.

“I am pleased to meet you, M’lord and lady.” Mandy greeted them.

Eomer nodded slightly, his face was shadowed with sorrow. Eowyn turned to Mandy.

“I am pleased to meet you as well, Lady Aarien.” Eowyn smiled, though her face was also overshadowed with pain, yet also with joy.

“Their uncle, Theoden-King, came to our aid in the Great Battle.” Aragorn explained.

“Came? Then he is…” Mandy stopped, knowing that he was dead, “I am sorry, Lady Eowyn.”

“Thank you, but he died victoriously. He is now with his fathers.” Eowyn looked down for a moment, “He would not want me to dwell on his departure.” She made an effort to control her emotions. Her brother glanced at Mandy. He had not seen many she-elves, save for Arwen.

“Aarien. Would you take Eowyn with you? I’m sure Arwen would like to visit with her as well.” Aragorn nodded to Eowyn.
Mandy smiled, and they walked together out of the throne room.

“Your daughter is very beautiful.” Eomer stated, “And if I am not mistaken, she is of elf kind.”

“You are not mistaken, Eomer. She is of elf-kind,” Aragorn paused, “and very beautiful. But we have need to talk of other things.”

Mandy led Eowyn into the garden.

“Arwen is in here, if I am not mistaken. She likes the garden.” Mandy walked to a little area where there was a covered place to sit. There Arwen sat, weaving a small tapestry with a little boy on it and someone who looked like Mandy also.

“Mae govennin, Ima.” Mandy greeted Arwen.

“Hello, Aarien.” Arwen smiled at her, “Eowyn, how are you?”

“I am feeling much better. Your lord husband is a great healer.” Eowyn curtsied low.

“I am glad. Come, sit down.” Arwen motioned to the bench.
Eowyn sat on the bench, while Mandy sat on the ground.

“Ima…is that me?” Mandy asked, breaking the peaceful silence.

“Yes, and your brother.” Arwen laughed at Mandy’s look.

“My…brother?!” Mandy stood, “You mean…does Aragorn know?”

“No, not yet.” Arwen continued weaving, “but he will know if you continue shouting the way you are.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Mandy blushed slightly, “It’s just that…”

“I understand. It is rather sudden,” Arwen smiled, “but he will not be born for a while.”

“I am happy for you, M’lady.” Eowyn murmured quietly.

“Oh, Eowyn. We forgot you.” Mandy turned to her.

“How is Faramir?” Arwen asked covertly. Mandy saw color creeping up Eowyn’s face as she turned her eyes downward.

“He is much better as well, M’lady.” Eowyn answered.
Before Mandy could say anything, they were interrupted by a guard.

“M’ladies, the feast is going to begin shortly. Aragorn-King requested that you be informed.” the guard explained.

Arwen nodded and turned to them, “I suppose we should go get ready. Come.” She walked gracefully towards the palace, with Mandy carrying the weaving.

Mandy chose a silver dress that flowed gracefully to her ankles: it had white lace on the sleeves and bodice. She also wore the circlet that Tethcelebel had given her. She came out of her room and walked to the banquet hall. Suddenly, someone called her name. She turned and saw Faramir coming down the hall. She sighed, shaking her head slightly.

“M’lady Aarien.” Faramir called.

“Yes, M’lord.” Mandy answered, pausing in the hallway.

“I just wanted to apologize for my actions yesterday.” Faramir told her, “I shouldn’t have said what I did. And you taught me a good and hard lesson.” He smiled ruefully.

She smiled at him. “Well, you are forgiven.” she started back down the hall.

Faramir walked with her. She saw Eowyn coming out of her room dressed in a beautiful gown as well. Her eyes lit up as she saw Faramir.

“I am sure Eowyn would love to have you escort her to the banquet.” Mandy left them talking together.

***Author’s Note***
mae govennin! this is a short chapter, i know, but the next chapter will make up for it, i promise! hope you are enjoying and aren’t ready to kill me cause of cliffies e-chocolates for everyone!!


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