A Dark Friendship – Reunited

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***Everyone has had a friend that they eventually lose touch with. Whether it is from a silly argument, people coming in between your lives or you are just separated too long, Most people have experienced that sinking feeling you get when you finally realize that you lost a good friend from a stupid and avoidable reason. Even Elvish Princes, when he was very young, Legolas had a friend, closer than a sister to him. Her name was Lorelei Lissesul. Lorelei was not an elf, nor was she a human, hobbit or wizard. She was an Antarlya. This was another race of creatures that lived in Middle Earth. As beautiful as the elves and more powerful than wizards, these creatures were both feared and awed throughout the lands. They had a natural friendship with the Elves and a hate of Orcs and Men. This life long hate of humans was induced shortly after Isildur was corrupted by the ring of power. The Antarlya helped the Elves and Men in their great battle, even though their own way of life was not being threatened. Very little threatens these creatures, because they are powerful, and also because they cannot be found. Long ago when the race first came to Middle Earth they made a separate realm. The Royals (the most powerful of the race) made a hole in the walls of Middle Earth; in this hole they made a new world. This world was only accessible by the Antarlya and their allies. When Isildur was under the influence of the ring, the only thing he sought was power. He desired to be the most powerful being in all of Middle Earth, but as long as the Antarlyan lived this could never be so. He decided that he would kill the entire race. He gathered a vast army of Men and marched to the opening in Middle Earth, thinking that he was a friend, the Antarlyan guard let him pass through, letting his army through with him. These creatures, not unlike Elves, cannot be killed easily. They are not vulnerable to any illness and they do not age physically. They can only be killed in battle. Depending on how old the Antarlya was, they will return to the world again after death, exactly the same but with a silver star on their wrist. The more stars an Antarlya has, indicates how many times they have gone to the heavens. It is hard to determine if they will return at all. Many Antarlya’s have been known to go to the heavens at a very young age and not return again .Thousands of men were killed and hundreds of the Antarlyan kind perished. When an Antarlyan dies their bodies turn to tiny beads of light and they float to the sky, which is where they came from. Unfortunately a large band of Orcs had followed the Men and made it into the world too. Many lives were lost and a once peaceful and beautiful place was desecrated. Less than fifty Antarlyans survived (so many never came back down). They left their realm and sealed it. A young princess was all that was left of the royal bloodline. Their Elvish allies in Mirkwood took them in and invited them to live in their forest. There was never a trust between Men and the Antarlyan again.
Back to Legolas, he made close friends with the orphaned princess while she lived in his palace. They were close right up until the day her kind vanished. There was no word nor warning, they just left during the night without being seen. The next day when dawn broke there was not a single Antarlya to be seen. Legolas was quite young and didn’t understand, his father consoled him and over the years Legolas blocked this memory from his mind. Hoping to forget that terrible morning he awoke to find his best friends of many years had gone without ever saying goodbye or leaving him with a reason. She never came back or tried to contact him again. ***

Lorelei heard word of him, that he was a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. That he had helped to destroy the Dark Lord Sauron. Everyday after she had heard of his journey she hoped that he would be safe. Her kind now lived deep in a forest, not marked on any map of Middle Earth. Lorelei ruled over the Forest of Feawen. Feawen, meant secret in Elvish tongue. When Sauron was destroyed, Lorelei received word that Legolas was now living with the new King of Gondor and his elvish wife, Arwen. After many years of wondering and hoping she finally found her courage, saddled up and rode to Gondor. All the while she rode she thought about how Legolas would greet her, would he forgive her or would he tell her to leave, like she knew she deserved. She wasn’t expecting a warm welcome; all she could think about was seeing her old friend again. On a normal horse it would be a ten day ride from Feawen Forest to Gondor, but she was riding an Itarilde, this was a horse like creature, created by the Antarlyas. They were five times faster and stronger than a normal horse. So the trip was only two days. She reached the borders of Gondor and rode slowly to Minas Tirith. When she reached the gates, she dismounted and the guards asked her of her business.
“I am an old friend of Legolas Greenleaf, I believe he dwells here,” Lorelei said.
“Do go through my Lady,” The tallest guard said, he signaled for the gates to open. She waited then rode through, people in the streets stared at her. Her face was hidden underneath the hood of a long white riding robe. The robe was made of a light silky material. She wore a white floor length dress, with long, hanging sleeves. She wore high white boots and diamond, hanging tiara. Her long, straight black hair reached down past her hips, nearly down to her knees. She had soft, ice blue eyes and ruby red lips. She had a beautiful, delicate face and a soft melodious voice. Her horse had a jet black coat with a pure white mane. Lorelei reached the steps, which lead to the front doors. She took and deep breath and left her horse with the stable hand. She walked to the doors, where two more guards stood waiting.
“I am Princess Lorelei Lissuel and I am here to see Legolas Greenleaf,”
“Does he know you have arrived?” One of the guards asked.
“No he does not, I would like to keep it secret if possible, I am an old friend we have not seen each other in many years,” Lorelei did not want the guards to tell Legolas of her arrival. She feared that he would dismiss her before she had a chance to even see him one more time.
“I understand my Lady; I believe he and the King are in the courtyard, follow the hall to the door at the end and go through, you should find them,” The same guard directed her.
“Thank you,” Lorelei was let in by the guards. The hall seemed to go on forever; the door didn’t appear to get any closer as she continued to walk. Finally she placed her pale hand on the cold, silver doorknob.
“Please let him have forgiven me” Lorelei whispered to herself as she slowly turned the handle. She walked out the door into a massive grassed area. There was a border of tall trees and several colourful gardens spread through the courtyard. Many stone benches were next to the gardens and near a man made pond in the center of the yard. It was on this bench Aragorn and Legolas sat with their backs to the door. Luckily for Lorelei Antarlyas, like Elves, made no noise, nor left footprints when they walked. Neither of them heard her. She stopped about two meters away from Legolas and Aragorn. She lowered the hood from her riding robe.
“Hello Legolas,” she said, as calmly as she possibly could. Both Legolas and Aragorn spun around. Legolas just sat there, his eyes wide and his mouth open. He knew who it was, but he didn’t dare believe it. He just gaped at her, looking at her from her white boots to her diamond tiara.
“Lorelei… is it possible?”


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