A Dark Friendship – Hiding

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Lorelei didn’t answer, she just stared at her friend, glad to see that he was alright. Legolas stood up and walked over to Lorelei. She looked up into his eyes looking for forgiveness.
“Why did you leave?” Legolas asked, not taking his eyes off of hers.
“I had to Legolas, I am so sorry,” Lorelei said in a quiet voice.
“Why?” Legolas’s voice was getting more emotion and forceful.
“For the good of my people I had to leave, they feared the Elves would follow Men, I could not stand idle and do nothing,” Lorelei explained.
“You gave me no warning,” Legolas did not yell but his voice frightened Lorelei.
“I knew you would have tried to stop me, I could not let you,” Lorelei pleaded.
“I tried to forget you,” Legolas said. “But you were all I thought about for years,”
“Legolas, do you not think that leaving you was the hardest thing I ever had to do?” Lorelei asked, in a stronger voice.
“It was the worst decision ever made, but I had to do it for my people Legolas,” Legolas looked away from Lorelei, deep down he did understand why she had to leave. He wouldn’t deny that he would have tried to stop her.
“Did you ever try to see me?” Legolas asked.
“I was afraid you would not want to see me, and then I received word that you were a member of the Fellowship of the Ring, I feared for your life everyday Legolas,” Lorelei’s eyes welled up with tears as she thought about Legolas’s dangerous journey across Middle Earth. Though he understood, Legolas felt very little sympathy for Lorelei, all that he could feel was rage.
“You abandoned me, Lorelei, can you even imagine the pain I felt when you vanished?” he asked, heatedly.
“The same I did!” Lorelei retorted. Legolas was stunned by her sudden answer; he stared into her eyes, saying nothing.
“I did not come to argue with you Legolas, I came to beg for your forgiveness, though I do not deserve it,” Lorelei said, calming down. Legolas though for a while, millions of memories and flashes of the pain he felt raced through his mind. The he remembered the days of playing, singing and talking with the only person who understood how he felt. A young girl who trusted him even after her entire family was murdered by people she thought to be allies.
“My dearest Lorelei,” Legolas said lovingly with open arms. Lorelei stared at him with disbelief, she then ran into his welcoming arms. He held her tightly to him. A feeling of warmth and a familiar love filled Legolas’s heart.
“Forgive me Legolas,” Lorelei whispered while he embraced her.
“I forgave you the moment I saw you,” Legolas whispered back. They separated and Legolas looked deep into her beautiful blue eyes.
“Oh, pardon my manners, Lorelei this is King Aragorn of Gondor, a close friend of mine,” Legolas said, moving his arm to Aragorn. They bowed to each other, though Aragorn did not know that she was a princess.
“I have heard many tales of you King Aragorn,” Lorelei said smiling.
“Call me Aragorn, I wish I could say the same, but Legolas has told me nothing about you,” Aragorn said, throwing a mischievous glance at Legolas.
“For good reason I assure you,” Lorelei said. Legolas lead his friend into the palace. Lorelei marveled at the beautiful walls and ceiling, she looked at portraits and swords that were on the walls.
“This place is beautiful,” she said breathlessly.
“I thank you, I am sure that we can find you a room somewhere,” Aragorn said turning a corner. Legolas and Lorelei looked at each other and laughed.
“Might I ask what is so amusing?” Aragorn asked. Lorelei and Legolas looked at each other again and smiled.
“That will not be necessary Aragorn, my kind do not sleep, at night we go out to the forest and return before dawn,” Lorelei explained.
“Your kind?” Aragorn asked, confused. Legolas remembered that Aragorn had no idea that Lorelei was an Antarlya.
“Forgive me Aragorn, Lorelei is not of elven or man kind, she is an Antarlyan,” Legolas told him. Aragorn’s eyes widened.
“It isn’t possible, they are myth,” he said breathlessly. Lorelei just shook her head.
“The rumors and tales of our being a myth were spread by us, we wished to disappear, it appears we succeeded,” Lorelei said. Aragorn bowed his head, he knew why, Aragorn knew the history of the Antarlyan race well, but up until now it made no difference to him.
“It was big of you to come to a human city to see Legolas,” Aragorn admitted. At this Lorelei bowed her head and a single glistening tear fell from her delicate eye to the hard, stony ground. Legolas immediately put his arm around her.
“What is wrong?” he whispered into her ear.
“I must confess, coming to see you was not my only purpose for leaving Feawen Forest,” Lorelei sobbed. “I needed to hide,”
“From who, from what?” Legolas urged her.
“The shadow.”


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