A Dangerous Road – Chapter 2: A Great Meeting Soon to be Held

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“Legolas, what is troubling you?” Asked Aragorn after night had come.

Still, Legolas was sitting as he had been since Frodo had talked to him.

“Nothing, Aragorn. Frodo had come and asked me the same thing eariler upon our arrival but I told him the same thing I told you.” Said Legolas with a sigh.

Aragorn sat down on a rock close enough to Legolas’ that he still acknowlegded his presense.

“Come, Legolas, and tell me. Dwelling here long has given me wisdom. It cannot be at all as bad as you shape it up to be.” Persuaded Aragorn.

Legolas looked at him queerly and turned his head the opposite direction.

“I saw someone before Gimli and I arrived here with my Elf eyes. She was an Elf also, but I know not where she went. It seems as though I am so homesick that I am hallucinating of Elves from Mirkwood are here.” Said Legolas finally.

He felt much better as he said it that he felt like he would see her again.

“Ask Lord Elrond. He should know whether an Elf of her discription is here or not.” Said Aragorn, rising from his seat and left Legolas in silence.

Legolas smiled to himself and rose from the rock and started to look for Lord Elrond. He looked for a long time before he found him in the garden.

“Excuse me, Lord Elrond. I had seen a she-Elf here before Gimli and myself had arrived here.” Said Legolas.

Lord Elrond turned and thought.

“Ahh.” He said softly to Legolas.

“She had long golden hair and fair blue eyes.” Said Legolas.

“Ah, yes. I know of whom you speak. Karim. She has arrived here from Mirkwood, but is not from there originally. She has not said where she is from either. So I cannot tell you.” Said Elrond.

“Would you know where she is?” Asked Legolas as his spirits brightened ten times more.

“Yes, she would be in the courtyard. She speaks to the plants as if they were alive, which I have no doubts that they are, after her voice talks and sings to them.” Elrond replied.

Legolas thanked him greatly and left. He went toward the courtyard.

When he arrived there, his spirit rose towards the heavens like an eagle soaring above him. He heard Karim singing softly to the plants in Elvish. Legolas seemed to fall under a spell from her voice. He didn’t want to interrupt her but she seemed to sense his presence for she stopped singing when he took a breath.

“Who are you?” She asked him after staring at him for a long while.

“I am Legolas of the Woodland Realm of Mirkwood. Who are you?” He asked although he already knew her name.

She thought about it first for a while until she said, “I am Karim. I cannot tell you from what Realm I am from, nor what Alliance.” She said sadly.

“Is there a reason why?” Legolas asked her. She looked down at her bare feet and then proceded to sing to the plants.

“I guess there is a reason why you cannot tell me for you do not speak it. I shall wait until you will tell me why.” He said.

“Why are you here anyway?” Karim asked him.

“I was called here for a meeting for something. I know not what. Since you have been here longer than I have, might you know what the reason for the meeting is?” Legolas asked her, as he walked towards her.

Karim squeezed her eyes until they shut as she continued to sing. She opened them and looked at Legolas as he was coming closer to her.

“Yes I do know. It is on my behalf. Lord Elrond feels as if he has to help me get home and-” Karim stopped herself in the middle of her sentence and moved away from Legolas to a bench. She sat down and sighed and looked up at the sky.

“I guess I must tell you why I cannot tell you why I do not say why I cannot tell you my Realm or Alliance. I do not remember where I come from, or really, who I am. I just remember my name and the songs I sing to the flowers.

“I remember I was in a battle and escaped with minor wounds. I snuck onto a ship and sailed countless days until I arrived at shore. Then I followed the people who were on the ship to this place. Then Lord Elrond has taken me in since then.” Karim said.

“How long ago was that?” Asked Legolas. He sat down beside her on the bench, keeping a fair distance away from her.

“It was about a week ago that I arrived here. Like I said, I do not know how long ago it is that I left.” Said Karim sadly.

“I know how it is you feel. There was a war long ago that I had fought in beside my friends. It is called the War of the Ring. It took many years to settle before the Ring war finally destroyed. I have not returned to Mirkwood since. Many people must think I am dead. I am the Prince of Mirkwood, but I do not think I shall become King there. I fear one of my brethren shall take up that job.” Said Legolas.

Karim looked at him with interest.

“You are not as I expected you to be. You are different from other’s I have heard of.” Said Karim.

“How did you hear of others if you remember nothing of where you are from or anything else?” Legolas asked her.

She sighed and said, “I do not know, it is strange. I feel like I know you yet I have never been here. I feel like I know Lord Elrond and Aragorn and Arwen and everyone else, but it is strange. I feel like I know my way around here and all.”

Legolas looked at her and smiled.

“What?” She asked him. Legolas shook his head and laughed quietly.

“It is late. I must go to bed. You should too. You are tired. I can tell.” Said Karim finally.

She rose from her seat and walked away. Legolas stood and walked to the garden to find Elrond still standing in the same place.

“You saw her, I presume?” He asked Legolas.

“Yes. I did. She is beautiful.” Legolas replied.

“Aye, she is. But she seems taken by someone else. Did you see the way she looked at you?” He asked Legolas again.

“How would you know? You were there, I can guess.” Said Legolas with a smirk on face.

Elrond laughed and looked at Legolas.

“You’re room is were it was the last time you were here. I can guess you remember where it is.” Said Elrond to Legolas, leaving the garden.

Legolas lingered there for awhile. He thought about both Elrond’s words and Karim’s words.

`She seems taken by someone else…’ Elrond’s words drifted through Legolas’ head as he walked to where his room was the last time he visited Rivendell.

But before he made it to his room, he saw Karim standing in a hall that Legolas was not going down to reach his room. He decided to leave her alone for he was tired, as she had told him.

Legolas reached his room and fell onto the bed and was asleep immediatly.


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