A Dangeroua Road – Chapter 1: Arriving at Rivendell

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This tale takes place after everyone in the original series returns home. The hobbits Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin learn to be normal Hobbit again, but that will be lost again when this adventure takes place. Legolas and Gimli have returned from their adventures of exploring the caves of Helm’s Deep and the deep forest of Fangorn, Aragorn and Arwen are wed and are to live the rest of their lives together, Gandalf returns and becomes leader of the White Council. Everything is just peachy until now…


“Legolas, you must be more careful throwing things out of your way!” said an infuriated Dwarf behind the Prince of Mirkwood.

“Sorry, Gimli. But I did not throw anything lately. My aim would have been higher than your head then,” replied Legolas.

He stopped and looked back at the Dwarf curiously.

“It is a scroll. Read what is says,” said the fair Elf.

“It says that we are wanted in Rivendell for a special meeting. Lord Elrond signed it even,” said Gimli.

Legolas took the scroll from Gimli and read it.

“And what luck. That is where we are headed now,” exclaimed Legolas happily.

With that he hurried his pace towards Rivendell with the short-legged Gimli following scarcely behind.

“Slow down, master Elf! You must remember that I do not go as fast you can!” yelled Gimli, but it was too late for Legolas had already gone out of hearing range. “Elves. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them,” thought Gimli to himself.

After a long while of Gimli struggling to catch up, he finally did and saw why Legolas had stopped. They had reached Rivendell at last after three hours of running straight. Gimli gasped for air as Legolas breathed deeply. His eyes seemed to be focused on something or someone for his glance only moved seldom.

“What is is that you see, Legolas?” asked Gimli.

Legolas shook his head and started down the ravine into Rivendell. Gimli shook his head in rebuke towards the Elf.

“How did he talk me into this?” Gimli asked himself.

As they were going into Rivendell, Legolas seemed in a daze, as if he had just returned home. Gimli knew the feeling and the sight. Legolas had seen a she-Elf in the depths of Rivendell. He wouldn’t admit it for quite some time.
They arrived in Rivendell quicker than they had expected. It only took them three hours to walk the long lonely roads ahead of them. They were delighted to see Rivendell again. They ran the rest of the way to it seeing the place where the Great Council of Elrond was held. Then they saw Bilbo’s little house the Elves had provided for them. They ran so fast that if they stumbled, they cared not.

Soon enough, they arrived there and were greeted heavily by the Elves but did not expect to see Arwen or Aragorn there. To their least expectance, they did. Arwen looked even more beautiful than the last time that they had seen her. Aragorn looked like he hadn’t aged a day, but gotten younger. The Hobbit’s ran and embraced the two happily. Then they were even happier because they saw the Hobbits had arrived also.

“What a surprise! You all were called here too?” Asked Legolas.

The Hobbits nodded their heads violently in approval.

“Well, let us go and see what we were called here for!” shouted Gimli.

They all looked happy about it and walked to where Lord Elrond was. He was standing in a part of the high towers, looking older and wiser that the last time they saw him. He was smiling greatly as he saw them. He turned to go down the stairs.

“Greetings, friends!” he said upon seeing them again.

They all exchanged backslaps and hugs. They seemed ecstatic except for Legolas after awhile. He was solemn and quiet after greeting everyone and telling a little bit about his adventures, but left the rest to Gimli. He seemed to enjoy telling it so Legolas didn’t beg to differ about any wrong information. Gimli was seldom wrong, but when he was, he corrected himself quickly afterwards.

“Legolas, what is wrong?” asked Frodo after awhile of hearing Gimli babble about everything.

Legolas seemed to be startled by Frodo’s words.

“Not often an Elf is off his guard. What is troubling you?” asked Frodo again.

“Nothing, friend Hobbit. It is just I have been away from Mirkwood for so long, that I have begun to forget its looks.” Said Legolas, returning to the position he had had earlier.

He was sitting upon a rock with his chin on the heel of his hand with his knees high about his chest.

“If I am right, although I haven’t been around as long as you have,” aaid Frodo, but Legolas shot him a glance at his last remark, “No offense, I mean, but that is not all that is troubling you. Come and tell me.”

Legolas sighed and closed his eyes and thought. “Wait, Frodo and I will tell you.” Legolas said finally.

Frodo nodded his head and walked away.


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