A Call From The Past – Chapter 2-Glittering caves

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Author’s note
Dear Readers,
I’m sorry for the mistakes.I will remember to check my spelling now.And to answer some questions yes the ‘Three”
WAS Aragorn,Legolas,and Gimli but not there W/ Aragorn she was just looking around.And some things can’t be revealed until later in the story.Like Treebeard’s phrase, “DON’T BE HASTY.”

But thank you all for reading and commeting on my story.Please continue to do so and please remember some of the things I do is because I think it will be more intresting,but please tell me if any mistakes.

Happy readings,
Why,oh why did Aragorn not let me fight?Old men and young boys!300 of them!Although the 500 LothLorien elves DID show up why can’t I fight?

These glittering caves they are beautiful,yes,but they bring back unpleasant memories.I try so hard to forget…but I can’t.
If I would have chosen differently in my past would some of the things today have never happened?I think I understand a little now that the choices you make today will play an important role in the future.

-Fauna Doargorlaithe

Fauna hurried past the huddled forms of weeping women and children.She looked around at the scene before her:hundreds of weeping women,crying babies,most wounded.All huddled together in these surprisingly bright sparkling caves.The light hurt her eyes,so that she squinented her large,brown eyes.

Also this brought back unpleasant memories.Memories of her past when her own people were in trouble.She tried not to think about it but yet that one thought hung.In her past when she-


Her thoughts were shattered when that voice called out to her.
She turned to see Eowyn,sittinng on the floor,alone,waving to her.Relieved from her thoughts,she hurried over and sat down beside her.

Fauna siged.”Everyone here?”she asked.

Eowyn nodded.”236 refugges in all.300 men fighting.”

“Eight hundred.”Fauna corrected.

Eowyn looked up at her and blinked.

“500 elves from Lothlorien came to our aid.They were sent by Elrond,I think.”

Eowyn looked overjoyed.”May the Valar be with us!”she said.
“May our warriors be protected!”

“Your people are not warriors,”Fauna said.”Farmers,stableboys,peasants.Not soldiers.300 humans against 10,000 Uruk-Hai!”She shook her head.She glanced at Eowyn and saw her pained expression.Suddenly ashamed,she apologized and turned her head away.

“I wish we could help them,”Eowyn said.”I wish we could fight.”

“Aye,and so do I,”Fauna replied.She turned back to look at Eowyn.”I thought you WANTED to defend the refugees.”

“My uncle forbade I should fight and sent me here.”

“Aragorn made me come.”


Fauna saw that dreamy eyed,off-in-space look on Eowyn,and confusion flooded her head.She had noticed that look on her face before,and often caught her staring at Aragorn like that.Did she love him?Did he know?

“You know it’s great when females get to kick butt,”Eowyn said.

Fauna laughed.”I know,”she said.”Especially if it’s someone you know and you get to brag about it and humialate him!”

They both laughed together a moment,forgetting thier situation.That changed when the sound of an approaching army rang about the caves.


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