A Call From The Past – Chapter 1-Before the Battle

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Fauna shuddered as the refugees entered the caves.
Oh,how had it come to this?Her mind cast back to The Council in Rivendell when she volunteered to go on a mision to destroy the One Ring.
When the Company entered Moria they lost Gandalf the wizard to a Balrog.Later thier company was attacked by Uruk-Hai,large,fearless Orcs.There Boromir of Gondor was killed and Merry and Pippin the hobbits taken captive.Frodo and Sam the other hobbits were missing.

They chose to follow thier captive friends.That left her,Aragorn,Legolas the Elf,and Gimli the Dwarf.They ran for days until they reached the plains of Rohan.There they encountered Eomer and the Rohirrim.They told them that they killed the Uruks including thier friends.

But when they went to investigate the burning pile of orc bodies they found out that Merry and Pippin were alive after all.They ran into Fangorn Forest in pursuit and there met Gandalf the White.Then they had riden to Edoras and there Gandalf had unleashed King Theoden from his spell.

Then the people had fled to Helm’s Deep.On the way they were attacked by a party of Warg Riders.While Aragorn,Gimli,and Legolas along with the men drove them away that left her and Eowyn to lead the people on.Later they came back without Aragorn.They said that he had fallen off a cliff.

Then Aragorn,who really wasn’t dead at all,came along.He said that an army of 10,000 Uruk-Hai were coming.

They had to prepare for battle.She looked around at the defenders.There were 300 and most of them were old men and young boys.Against 10,000 Uruk-Hai!She scowled.If only they had killed that blasted Wormtongue!Why,oh why,did Aragorn let him go?If they would have killed him he would have never gone to Saruman and told them of thier whereabouts.

And they wouldn’t be here now.But they didn’t kill him,and they were here.And there was an army of 10,000 Uruk-Hai coming.

Just then she heard a horn.It was definatley no orc-horn.She ran to the wall.She could hardley believe her eyes!Right in front of them was an army of 500 elves!Overjoyed,she ran to the gate.She reconized Haldir,a elf from LothLorien.

She stood awed,as Haldir told Theoden how Elrond of Rivendell sent them to defend them and so on.Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder.She looked up into Aragorn’s grey eyes.

“Why aren’t you with the refugees?”he asked.

“I-I’M helping you fight,”she answered.

Aragorn smiled.”Noooooooooo,”he said.”You’re going with the refugges.”

She gripped her spear.”NO!”she said.”300 against 10,000 isn’t fair!”

“800,”Aragorn corrected.

“Well,whatever!You need all the help you need!”

Aragorn stared.
“They are going to die,”she hissed.

She felt his grip tighten.”Then I shall die as one of them,”he yelled.”These are MY people!”

“Your people are not warriors!I am a warrior.I should fight.”

“Eowyn is a warrior and she’s defending the refugees.”

“That’s her choice.I want to fight!”

“NO,FAUNA!”He gave her a shake that rattled her teeth.
His eyes softened and he eased his grip.

“You must do this for us and the refuggees,and for yourself.”

Relizing she couldn’t win,she gave up.”The Valar be with you,”she said and,with a sigh and a last look at the three,she went to jion the refugges.


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