A Bumpy Ride and a Trip to Imladris. – Chapter three

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Meanwhile Caleb was about to discover the joys of cram.
“Are you hungry?” asked the Gimli dwarf.
“Maybe, what do you have?”
“Here want some cram? We have plenty of it.”
“Sure.” The unsuspecting boy took a pice of the rather unappetizing beige bisket. He bit into it and instantly regreted it.
“Uh,” he choked, “could I havea glass of water?”
Both dwarves laughed. Gloin tossed him a canteen.
“Here you go.”
Caleb gulped the water and suddly had an idea.
“Uggh, talk about dry! Say since you guys were so kind about sharing your food, would you like to try some of mine?”
The dwarves exchanged a glance.
“All right, we’ll try somthing you’ve got.”
Now Caleb, his sister Colleen and his father all had one thing in common, they liked hot food. I don’t mean hot the way most people think of it, Taco bell. I can eat thier “fire hot sauce on its own, I mean hot, like a certain chili pepper by the name of hobenaro.(Don’t ask me how to spell it I’m making a guess spainish spelling is not my strong point.)
He just so happened to have a few of these pepers in his bag. He pulled out a steak knife that he had put in his bag to slice cheese with. He cut the pepper from top to bottom and gave half to each dwarf.
“Now I know this dosen’t look like much, but belive me you have to be careful with these things.”
Caleb watched exspectantly as each dwarf put half of the pepper in his mouth. He wasn’t disapionted with the results.
“Augh! What is this?”was Gloins exclamation.
“By Durin’s beard! Water I need water.”
Caleb by this time was laughing so hard that both dwarves had drunk up about half a canteen before he could warn them. As anyone who knows any thing about hot peppers knows this only makes it worse. By this time both dwarves were doinng a rather interesting dance around the camp.
Needless to say Caleb wished he had a camera. Finally getting himself under controll he handed them his canteen wich was full of apple cider. the dwarves were much relived.
“Good joke lad, what was that?” Gloin asked taking a deep breath.
Caleb laughed.”My Dad’s habaros, he grows them to season food.”
Gimli came to sit down with them.” I think I have just discvered how dragons breath fire!”
“Heh,heh my youger brother thinks the same thing.So where did you say you were going Gimli?”
“To Rivendell, Alcarin.”
“Oh, I’m a freind now am I? I guess you change your mind about choping me to bits with your ax?”
“Indeed I have, by the way, where are you headed?”
“Same place you are I suppose. I was traveling with my older sister Colleen. You wouldn’t have happend to have seen her would you?”
“No, I can’t say that I have. Likly if you were heading for Rivendell when you were seperated thats where she will head, so you may as well come with us.”
“Sure I will, if you’ll have me. I’d like some company. I hate traveling alone.”
“Good It’s settled then.” said Gimli with a smile.
“To Rivendell!” Caleb shouted.
And so they were off.


Meanwhile Colleen was Discovering the joys of riding double with an unsoicible wizard hard for hours. To make matters worse She didn’t really know how to ride. It was rather embarrassing but she had gone beserk the two times she had acculy been on a horse. She wasn’t afraid of them anymore but still it was rather alot to exspect since it had been a good five years since she had last ridden.
“Gandalf when are we stopping?”
“We should be there by sunset.”
“Great ! I didn’t think I could hold on much longer.”
The wizard laughed. ” You are strange.”
” Yeah, I know my family never lets me forget I’m an oddball.”
“It means about the same thing as odd, only more so, when my cousins use it, it generally means insane.”
Gandalf just laughed.
“So we’re stopping when we get to Weather Top, right?”
“Good, so what will we find there?”
“Vanya only knows.”
“Is that a good thing or a bad?”
” Are you human hobbit?”
“Human, When last I checked.”
” Thenwhy do you ask so many questions?”
“Are hobbits the the only people who ask questions?”
“I take your point, Colleen.”
“Now lets get to Weather top!”


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