3 Years – A Tale of Morwen

by May 21, 2002Stories

Morwen was running down the steps to her fathers chambers. This was not the first time she was late. Her father, Lord Legolas of Rivendell, and his wife, Nimloth, have been trying to teach her to be more “feminine”. That was just NOT her style. When all the girls where in the courtytard playing with their dolls, she was at the pond splashing with the boys.

She was forced to attend etiquette lessons to improve her EVERYTHING!

She rushed past her maid who was trying to clean the mud of her tunic. As Morwen ran down the hall to her fathers chamber, she wondered what in Middle Earth could her father want now?She had already had her long, boring etiquette lessons, what does he want now, her to marry some orc?

Morwen stopped at her fathers chamber door. She tryed to rub some of the dirt off her tunic, but it was usless. The sun had already baked it on.

*Oh well* she thought, and knocked on the door. A young, youthful voice greeted her knock.

“Come in,” it said. Morwen opened the door and shut it softly behind her. She walked up to the chair Lord Legolas was sitting in, and bowed so low that she could only his feet.

When she looked up, it wasnt the warm smile that greeted her. It was a serious expression, like she was going to be burnd at the stake. She knew that was silly. She knew her own father wouldnt burn her at the stake, and she haddnt done anything to deserve such a punishment.

She thought it best if she let her father have the first word, so she waited. There was a long silence until Morwen broke it.

“You wanted to see me father?”

“Yes Morwen I did. Your mother and I have been thinking. We thought it would be best if we sent you to the mortal relm for awhile. “

“How long is ‘awhile?'” asked Morwen through clenched teeth.

“Around three years. “

“Three years!?” Morwen exclaimed, “You expect me to leave my friends and family for three years?”

“Morwen. We know this is hard for you,” said her mother, “but we won’t expect you to leave right away. This isn’t until next summer. “

* * *

Later that night, Morwen was telling her best friend Silel the news.

“WHAT?!” Silel exclaimed, “What am I going to do for three years?!”

“I knew you’d say something like that. Dont blame me. You know the law as I do, ‘What the lord says goes’, so don’t blame me!”


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