The Missing Link Chapter 3: Captive

We return to the forests again. Our hobbit friend has lost all faith and finds the true meaning of apathy by the end of this chapter. He is taken captive by a band of elves and one human. This chapter suggests that some of his past will be revealed soon.

The Missing Link Chapter 2: Ivy

We leave the fields and forsets and earth whatsoever to the sea, where a broken abused halfling sails. We hear a little about her past from her recalled memories that she remembers during her turn at lookout. Please comment again, and if you find ANY FAULT AT ALL please tell me. Thank you! 🙂

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The Missing Link: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of The Missing Link. The hobbit (I’m not telling you his name yet so kindly refer to him as “the hobbit”) wakes up in a field of snow covered in blood at least 50 miles from civilization without his memory or evidence of anyone else ever being there. Please leave a comment but it’s my first attempt at a book much less mystery so be nice.

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The Chronicles of Khand – Part A: The Emperors

After putting together the myriad fan-fictions and role-playing fluff of Khandish history, I wanted to create a solid set of annals showing its beginnings in the First Age until the Fourth Age. In this first part, the Variag peoples are established and the touch of Mordor is defined on them.

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Leaving Middle Earth

Frodo tries to be brave as he leaves middle earth but breaks down when he understands that nearly everyone he ever loved has dissapeared from his life forever.

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