Wow – …wow?

by Dec 18, 2003Reviews

Ok, well it was indeed an awesome movie, but I was disappionted with some things. Especially what they left out, even though they couldn’t out everything, here are some things I thought they needed:
*Legolas and the Sea longing
*Elladan and Elrohir
*Isengard needed to be more than a one-minute clip
*the scourging of the shire after
*Legolas and Gimli’s travels to Fangorn and the Glittering Caves

and other, not as important, stuff. Anyway, this movie was very funny, and also very sad. There wasn’t much of Aragorn, which surprised me since he’s the king, and Legolas, which seems to happen a lot. I will also admit, I had tears in my eyes at the end, it was *sniff sniff* touching. Anyway, the award for most insane-edge-of-your-seat-action-clip would have to go to Legolas and his Oliphant friend, though Aragorn and the King of the Dead place a close second. This movie also had the best beginning out of the trilogy, though the end wasn’t all that great. Having some one telling a story tends to be the easy way out, but besides that…. ok I’m rambling…. Why didn’t anyone shut me up? Ok, I will be done now. Return of the King, in the end, exceeded my expectations, so I am very happy


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