Why Frodo Went to Osgiliath! – Peter Jackson’s motives

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This for all you Tolkien purists who may not be so pure, who hate this movie because it does not match the version in your head. A dream of mine many years back was to be the director of the Lord of the Rings, it was going to be the biggest event ever, Sean Connery as Gandalf, I forget who else as who. Peter Jackson beat me to it, and thank God, cause I would have really screwed up this movie, and now I’m really glad that this thing is out and it is so good… just to see some of these places is something beyond anything I could have dreamed…well, I have dreamed, but to actually see with waking eyes… I count myself blessed.

So, Frodo going to Osgiliath, horrible, horrible, right? I sat up in my chair when I first saw it, I hated it — why did Peter Jackson do this? Why did he have Aragorn fall over the cliff? Wargs? What wargs? Don’t forget, this is a movie, not a miniseries, though some may make that claim. Some things need to be invented, they need to be explained. So why did Frodo go to Osgiliath, besides to add some tension (is Faramir really going to keep him away from his quest?) to the movie and importance of the ring, as well as filling out some screen time to Frodo, why?

The answer is this. When Aragorn looks into the palantir in the next movie and reveals himself, and Sauron hears from the Ringwraith that the Ring was in Osgiliath and in the hands of one of the captains who heads to Gondor… Sauron is going to be scared that there is going to be a new dark lord to unseat him, so he is going to use all his will to look at Gondor, allowing Frodo to slip under his gaze. This happens int he books, but viewers need this reason, this added element that hey, the dark side almost got this thing and they know it’s down and in Gondor, and that is why Sauron is going to go ape and send his horde over the mountains and river and to Gondor.

Maybe this isn’t what PJ intended, but it makes some sense to me. Looking over the whole movie one day, you can see the motives for Sauron focusing on Gondor now, even Faramir taking the Ring. Doing this, it shows his struggle more. He is taking the Ring as Boromir would have, but at the last minute, gives it up… that’s a little harder then giving it up right away. To have it in posession, to have a taste of it and then to say no…it shows his sensitive side just fine.

Anyway, take what you want from this. Seriously guys, nitpick all you want, none of you could make a movie this good, I know I couldn’t, so be glad you got what you got. Like my nanny used to say, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.


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