What everyone was waiting for in the Year of the King!!! – (A review of Tolkien and PJ’s ROTK)

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On the 25th of December I sent Christmas celebrations to the dump to go see Return of the king. Here in Central America the Movie started on the 25th of December for some odd reason. Our car broke down so I had to take a bad bus from here to the capital for 2 and a half hours. When I got there at 2:00pm all the tickets for the 12 showings of ROTK were sold out. So then me and a friend spent the next three hours running around the cinema looking for people who would sell us their tickets. In the end we purchased 4 tickets at at least 4 times their normal value. We then stood in line for three hours untill we got in at the last showing and realized that the whole 9 hour wait was totally worth it.

I loved ROTK. To start from the beginning: many people complain about the numerous changes that PJ makes. I have come to realize that some changes had to be made. I some cases I even like the changes, but some I am not to fond of. One of the most precious things in the book is the relationship between Frodo and Sam. I found it extremally hard to swallow that PJ would have been so heartless as to break up the precious friendship. The movie would have been just as good without that change. The Two Towers ended with Frdod saying that he could not have dome anything without Sam, and now all of a sudded he betrays him.

Another change that although it didn’t bother me like the Frodo and Sam relationship thing, was Aragorn. After the battle at Helm’s Deep, Aragorn just sits around in Edoras and does nothing untill he sees the becons. In this movie PJ is trying to establish that Aragorn in the King of Gondor. So as king of Gondor Aragorn’s duty would obviosly just sit around at Edoras untill he sees a fire on a mountain that tells him that his people are in trouble. I found it really dumb.

Things that were changed but I did like were the beacons of Gondor. The scenery was beautifull and it seemed totally logical.

The scene where Merry says goodbye to Pippin and gives him the last of the Longbottom leaf. This scene was made so much more emotional in the book.

The Mumakil coming to the battle on the Pelennor Fields, and of course the Legolas scene. Although I didn’t expect this film to get the same reaction here in C.A. as in Canada or England, I was surprized that after a few scenes (like the Legolas scene) everyone clapped. Also when the movie finished it got a real long applause.

If anyone right now were to ask me what my favourite scene was, I would no doubt say: the last one. The one where Frodo says goodbye to Meriadoc, Peregrin, and Samwise and then later when Sam gets home and says: I’m Back.
I think I cried at that scene.

This is truly a master piece. The three films were absolutly brilliant and will never be rivaled. Sure there were some mess ups, but what can you do? I know that I could not have made it better. I will remember though that if I ever make a lighthouse I will be sure to put Sauron’s eye on the top!

Return of the King is a movie that will live on far past our generation. We love Tolkien, his work, and PJ for interpreting it to the screen. I am always more disapointed the first time I see a LOTR move, so if I liked ROTK so much the first time I can assure you that in Navember I will spend a week watching the Extended Edition over and over again.


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