Well…. – My thoughts on The Two Towers

by Dec 19, 2002Reviews

Well….it was a good movie.

Other than that….it started out good, that’s about it. The CG (computer graphics) were very very good, as promised, but alas, they could not hold true to the book. The scene with the Uruk-hai and their journey with Merry and Pippin was somewhat messed up. There were Mordor Orcs with them and such, but that wasnt too bad. Treebeard brought them to Gandalf? This was used to build suspense because you aren’t sure if it is Gandalf or Saruman, but it is still agitating that they would distort parts like this, because Treebeard thought Gandalf had died, and so did Merry and Pippin, thus they are very surprised when gandalf comes riding up at Isengard.

The Battle of Helms Deep was good, although a very important part, the Hurons, was left out. Also, the one thing that angered me more that anything is that of all scenes to cut, the casting down of Saruman, the aquisition of the Palantir, and Aragorn revealing himself to Sauron ere all left out. Hopefully they will fix this in the next movie.

It also showed Merry and Pippin getting the Ents to attack Isengard after the entmoot failed, which it didn’t in the book….

Now, what was up with Faramir and Osgiliath? In the book Faramir had did not want the Rring at all; in fact he said “If I found [the Ring] on the highway I would not take it.” And he wa very kind to Frodo and Sam. But in the films, he was distorted into a more powerful image of his brother, Boromir.

What was up with Osgiliath? That was messed up and Frodo revealing the Ring to a Nazgul miles from Mordor? That would of been very, very bad.

Oh, well….they still have a chance to fix it, maybe they will. It was overall a very, very good movie, and I am going to see it again, at least to get the facts straight on it. It confused me with all the changes.


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