War Stories – fighting for home

by Dec 24, 2003Reviews

I loved the film. It is even better than the first two. It is beautifully filmed. But ass one who have loved the books for years and even written a Master’s thesis on them, I found three glaring ommissions that in some way short-circuited the story line.

1} Most serious was the ommission of the souring of the Shire. For Tolkien, the great war was only a prelude to the personal war. All war ultimately comes down to fighting for home.

2} Leaving out the details about the Palantir must have left many people puzzled. The palantir was the means whereby Sauron manipulated Denethor, and was the reason for his mania. Without that detail Denethor’s madness was unmotivated.

3} The role of Aragorn as healeer. it was one of the ways that Aragorn was recognized as King.

Still even with these ommissions, it was a wonderful film and I look forward to watching it over and over, just as I have read the books over and over.


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