Very Disappointed – The Two Towers Review

by Dec 25, 2002Reviews

The Two Towers as a movie was good, Peter Jackson is doing a great job trying to bring the books to life. I understand he has only about nine hours of film to portray a story whose author spent a lifetime creating. But come on! I almost got up and walked out of the movie. First, Theoden was a jerk. And a wimp at that. Maybe I’m wrong but it was my idea that Theoden was a respectable and decisive. And I though the Rohirrim were warlike. I know Tolkein mentions several times about the fierceness of the North. Theoden acted like he wanted to turn and run, he didn’t even gather together the 1,000 Riders he was suppose to reinforce Helm’s Deep with. I mean they were getting children to fight in the movie. Where are the 10,000 soldiers Theoden said that he could send to the aid of Gondor? Second, where did the elves come from? They are fighting their own battels in the north, where did the spare ones come from. I mean I love seeing the elves fight but you can’t tell me Jackson just misread, he flat out added to the movie. And where were the Huorns, I was looking forward to see how they portrayed that in the movie, but they didn’t even show. Shelob, you know the gigantic spider? Well either that was just left out or I really need to go get my vision checked. Faramir was really out of character. He is suppose to be wiser than Boromir and Denethor yet… he isn’t portrayed that way. The scene at Osgiliath was pretty awesome, they did pay attention to detail, I believe I even saw the Dome of Stars in the middle of the River. I just can’t see how the soldiers there expect to hold back an invasion hiding behind rocks, wouldn’t they have some type of fortifications up, or is everyone in the movie not smart in military tactics. But like I said Jackson is doing good movie wise I just think that he is doing harm to one of the greatest stories ever written. I think if Tolkein were alive to see TTT then he would soil his pants and have a heart attack all in the same second.


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