Two Towers – Rview

by Jan 14, 2003Reviews

What can I say?

Almost everyone has to have seen it by now, yeah even those people who said they wouldn’t see the next movie after the fellowship…blah blah…but let’s face it who wouldn’t go?

I watched the fellowship of the ring and it was so good i had to go buy the whole written trilogy! The best thing about TTT is that Peter Jackson has kept loads of material from the book in the script!

Oh the effects! I’ll not spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it, but for those of you who have *whisper* wasn’t the sheild thing legolas did AWESOME?!?*

The battle scene at Helms Deep was l-o-n-g but for not ONE SECOND was I bored! Not one! The explosions! The orcs! the millions of tiny little figures fighting it out! Not to mention the wonderful humor of Gimli and his competition with Legolas!

Can you tell I like Legolas? For those Orli fans, he looks mighty FINE!

I have to say, Elijah Wood really makes it known why he was chosen for the part of Frodo. He really does a great job and the friendship between him and Sam is sooo touching.

So what more could you want? Excitment, friendship, Orlando Bloom…TTT is a masterpiece on film!


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