Two Towers Review – Triumphant Two Towers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

The Two Towers ………………….. What can I say other than Peter Jackson has done us all proud by bringing us a triumphant sequel to The Fellowship of The Ring.
With no intro, no credits just straight back to middle Earth and carrying on from where we left…………superb.

The opening sequence had me gripped in my seat right from the beginning.
It was as if no time had passed from when the first film came out.

I don’t want to give to much away for all those who have yet to experience it………………..but………….

1) Wargs special effects were spot on, they looked very real.
2) Gandalfs falling into shadow was invigorating.
3) Treebeard was everything I could have wished for and so much more.
4) Miranda was wonderful as Eowyn.
5) Edoras looked timeless.
6) Grima was played to perfection.
7) Gimli’s light comic relief was brilliant.
8) Legolas and Gimli had there counting game at Helms Deep thankfully as it was always one of my fave bits of the book.
9) Legolas on the sheild was breathtaking as were all his sequences (phworlando)
10) Oilophaunts were cool.
11) Gollum was stupendious, special effects? WHAT SPECIAL EFFECTS? He looked flawless.
12) Nazgul on winged creatures were awsome!!!!!

I could go on for ever and tell you all about it in detail but you simply MUST SEE IT for yourselves.

My brother came with me tonight to see it and he like I were moved to tears about 6 times it was that good.


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