Two Towers Review – By Gliondar the Fair

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

No words can describe the excitement inside me this evening. My ticket had been bought for nigh on a month and for those who do not want to read my ramble I can tell you that my excitement was met and out matched. What I saw today was genius though, for the die hard fan like myself, a little frustrating with some unnecessary wandering from the text. Though the battle at helms deep is amazing with comedy from Gimli, amazing fighting from Legolas and Aragorn just looking so cool one thing made me flinch and cringe behind a tub full of popcorn. To Helms Deep there came and armament of Lothlorien elves! Yes! They looked amazing in their beautiful armour and bows but how much of a contradiction to Tolkien is that? There was a last alliance between men and elves and it is called the last alliance for a reason – it was the last one. Yet here they are stating that once there was an alliance and once more there shall be. Come on. I can see to the non-book reader that their presence was amazing (even to me at lapses in my outrage).

It was also cut short – not through out takes but the film was unnecessarily cut short. It ends before the meet Shelob and before Sam slays it – one of the best parts! Do not mistake my anger for a bad review for it was such an excellent peace of work. Better than the last but only those who knew my love for the fellowship will understand what a complement that is. Ten out of ten, five gold stars, two thumbs up. Simply magnificent.


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