Two Towers Review – A great movie

by Dec 24, 2002Reviews

!Wow! Excellent movie. Better than the first one.

When I read the books, the worst one of the three was the Two Towers, but this movie is way better than the first.
First, the scene of the battle of the Balrog…it was great, what an excellent scene, it was a great beginning for this movie.
Also, the appereance of Gollum in the movie was great. What a great actor did Jackson create. I think he should get an Oscar! What great acting!

However there are some things that pissed me off as I watched the movie. All of them are involved with the battle of Helm’s Deep. The first one of them, is when the elves arrived to help the men of Rohan. How could they put the elves helping men in that battle? And Haldir dies?

Also, there are some very bad scenes in that movie, like for example when Legolas takes a shield and uses it like a skateboard down the stairs…that sucked!

The worst one of all was when Theoden stepped out with Aragorn and other 3 riders to kill all the orcs…how can 5 men in horses defeat all those orcs? The orcs aren’t so stupid, they could have shot arrows and killed them all.

Also, another bad part of the movie was the appereance of Arwen and her talk with Elrond and all that crap about going to Valinor, etc. From there on, the movie started to become a little bit bad.

The first half of the movie was excellent, and so was the end, when the ents fight and destroy Isengard…great scenes!
In overall, the movie was excellent, I would watch it again…many times.


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