TTT – the good the bad and the not so ugly

by Dec 29, 2002Reviews

I saw the movie opening night and I walked away more than a little bit peeved. I was ready to go cut down Jackson to gain revenge for what he did to Faramir.

Then after calming down a bit and rereading the book, I have began to see the movie in a new light. Yes, they messed with Faramir, but it is amazing how much of the book they did put directly on screen. So many of the lines are straight from Tolkien, of course they are not being said by the right people most of the time but you can’t blame them for giving the main characters more lines. Plus I really really really love Gollum singing in the pool scene! He is just so cute!

Many of my friends have been complaining about all the Arwen stuff, but once you see realize why she is up there (to give guys someone to drool about) she’s not that bad. I had seen pictures of Arwen with captions saying they were from helm’s deep, so I was afraid they would have her ride in as some macho elf warrior or something, so what they did wasn’t nearly as bad as what I imagined. All I can say is that currently I’m okay with what they have done, but if they don’t include the scouring of the shire someone is going to die!


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