TTT stole my breath! – I need to see it again and again and again . . .

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Taking a class in film production and working in the theater has taught me how to appreciate all the work put into acting and film making. The medium of film is different than writing; time is short and the essence is all one has to work with. It’s almost a daunting task and that’s why I can’t begrudge Peter Jackson for his work on TTT. Yes, there was a great deal left out from the book and a few things were turned inside out, but the spirit of the story was still there. In fact, I’d daresay in some places, Jackson made the tale darker, more terrifying than a general walk in the woods as such Tolkien offers readers in the second half of TTT. While I’m aware that there was no battle at Osgoliath; that Faramir was more of a good guy than portrayed in the movie, I can understand how they (writers) tried to convey more what the Ring was doing to Frodo than the events that did not take place in the book.

Rather than sniveling about the inaccuracies of the film, I look at it as filling in events that might have been deleted from the book. I do, however, miss the conversation between Saruman and Gandalf, Pippin getting his hands on the Palantir (pardon my spelling) and Sam telling himself how much he loves Frodo. (though, he more than makes up for it in action)

As for the character of Faramir, I appreciated what they did with him. When I read, reread and read the story again, my impression was always the same, that Faramir was a bit pushy. While he might have been so with good reason, his character in the book always left me wishing he would have been a little more considerate of the hobbits. (not that I’d want the story to change, mind you, characters should remain as they are) but I liked how he was portrayed in the film; he meant well, like Boromir, and while he lacked tact, he made up for it in the end.

I really loved the spotlight they put on Aragorn. He’s the MAN! In other adaptations, it seems Aragorn was far more arrogant. I speak, naturally, of Rakin/Bass’ production of the Return of the King. But in Jackson’s version, Aragorn truely show’s he’s the stuff of kings and legend and rightly deserves all the respect he commands. I think he’s a stronger character in film than the books and Mortesen’s portrayal is magnificent!

Sean Austin and Elijah Wood . . . I don’t think there could have been better actors picked for the characters of Frodo and Sam. The two make the characters so real, so touching I cry everytime I see that moment when Frodo holds the sword at Sam . . . Wow! What a powerful moment!

Two thumbs up for TTT–I gotta see it again and again!


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