TTT: Reluctant Review – From one HAPPY fan

by Jan 11, 2003Reviews

I say this is a “reluctant review” because I’m not too savvy with all this online comment and discussion. Yet, I have been reading a lot of it on this site and some of it has annoyed me! So now I am going to post MY opinion!

Admittedly, my first viewing of TTT was stressful! It IS different from book. But I knew that going in. PJ has always said that the films he is making are not simply visual reproductions of the book – and he has many good reasons for this as you all probably know. So as a fan of the books (like Christopher Lee I read them at least once a year) you need to let go of all that when you go into the cinema – it’s a DIFFERENT experience. If you can do that, you can enjoy TTT immensely. Well, I did, the second and third times.

Understand also that for every reader of LOTR there are that many interpretations and that many understandings. Everyone who reads the books will imagine things differently – a lot or a little. PJ has put HIS interpretation on to the film. His views may be very different from what some people may hold. But the long and short is, he made the film, we didn’t. I don’t find lengthy criticisms about what he did and didn’t do very productive. Go and enjoy the films for what they are and enjoy the books for what they are too.


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