TTT — not perfect but IT’S A MOVIE! – Whaddaya want, everything?

by Dec 24, 2002Reviews

Think of it…what could have gone wrong with the films? I mean, had they been less faithful to the books, like the pitiful yet somewhat appreciated cartoon versions of yesteryear. We have an impressive, well-done, faithful to the theme if slightly changed, loooooooong series of 3 movies that do a marvelous job of putting the 2nd best book ever published on the silver screen. They could have “used” JRRT’s title & made a horrible Hollywood adaptation of it, or any other sort of tragedy, yet PJ et al were scrupulous in bringing the spirit of the books to us critics who will never be satisfied. I ask you, how would YOU have done it? I mean, in the real world, at a profit, for a reasonable length of running time and not driven away the rest of the world’s lamentably non-Tolkien-freak viewers? I think PJ did a marvelous job, and I am supremely grateful to him and to New Line for the effort. I take what I can from it, drinking in the right stuff and forgiving the imperfect adapting that he felt had to be done. Try it another way…what went RIGHT? LOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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