Trilogy Tuesday – Return of the King

by Dec 17, 2003Reviews

I was one of the fortunate Canadians to see Trilogy Tuesday of Lord of the Rings in Coquitlam, B.C. Canada. I have always been very emotional at The Fellowship and The Two Towers, but yesterday, The Return of the King took the word emotional to another level. Elijah Wood and Sean Astin gave the most gut wrenching, emotional performance of all time. If I could give them my heart on a silver platter, I would. Frodo’s descent into darkness was so complete, and Samwise was ever the devoted friend. Every actor in this movie gave such a stellar performance. They made me believe that there was actually a middle earth, and this battle really did take place. They made me believe that a love such as Aragorn’s and Arwen’s could possibly exist and there are honourable men such as Aragorn. Every character brought forth courage, honour, love, joy, sorrow and an undying faith in each other. Thankyou to these incredible people for putting so much of themselves into these characters. I truly believe that they are all these characters to some degree. I wish I could say thankyou in person, but I am sure that they probably know how much their fans appreciate what they have accomplished. Thankyou to Peter Jackson for incredible forsight. He is truly a genius and yes, definitely a hobbit original. I wish the journey wasn’t over. I could follow the lives of these characters forever. THANKYOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE FOR MAKING LIFE BETTER!!!!!!!


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