Torn Between Two Different Feelings – The movie fan and Tolkien fan go to battle

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Seeing as this is the tenth anniversary since I first got lost in the Middle Earth, I decided to celebrate by seeing LOTR: The Two Towers. I had the privilege of seeing it the first time at one of the first public US showing. Living in Guam does have its perks sometimes. My second time seeing it was today and I decided on writing a few thoughts of mine down for this lovely site.

I hate to do this but this will be a Gollum type post. IT is the only way I can appease my heart. I plan am planning on laying out my thoughts of the movie as a movie fan first and then a Tolkien fan second.

The movie was amazing. The special effects and scenery were stunning. New Zealand really captures the essence of the Middle Earth. The armies, Elvish, Rohrimm, Urki-Hai, Easterling, and Haradrim, were all amazing. The costumes and props were stunning. Helm’s Deep was breath taking. As a movie fan I would say this movie was worth every penny and minute of my time.

Now on to the Tolkien fan in me. I wasn’t thrilled with this movie at all. The changes were to much for me to take. I thought a second time would warm me up to these, but it did was make me more dead set against them. Elves in Helm’s Deep? I just can not get used to that. Nor could I get used to the fact that Gimli never made it to the caves. Also, can someone please tell me what happened to Faramir. I just didn’t understand. A few other changes I didn’t like were the scene at the Black Gate and Frodo trying to give the Ring to the Nazgul. It might be just me but these changes didn’t sit well with me at all. Also I don’t think this movie captured the book the way Fellowship of the Ring did. The Two Towers just left me with a void after watching it. It is my hope that this movie will be the weakest link in the Trilogy and the producers got back to the more Tolkien based story in Return of the King. As a Tolkien fan, I would say see the movie but you wont be satisfied.


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