To see with fresh eyes one last time.

by Dec 24, 2003Reviews

I shall never again see the Lord of the Rings with a fresh imagination. My thanks to Peter Jackson and all those who brought the breadth of Middle Earth to us all. I was listening to the White Gulls cry this morning and thinking about what I will say to Tolkien later on. That I yearned for him to have lived to see the visualization of his work? That I cried when the fellowship finally ended and the song of the White Gulls rang new in my ears? I believe I shall ask him what happened to those who took the ship to Valinor either with Frodo and Bilbo or later. I still haven’t quite worked out my feelings about the movie, the sense of loss is to strong. Many of you no doubt understand perfectly how I feel. The Triumph of the Fellowship raises my spirits and gives hope but as Tolkien understood only to well we are all mortal here. Take heart though for there is a reward in heaven that Tolkien believed in deeply.



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