There is still hope – Peter Jackson: Gandalf or Saruman?

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Like many of you I went to see TTT on opening day and came away feeling – there is no other word for it- violated. The movie I saw was not the book I have read and loved for years. I went expecting to see Huorns at Helms Deep and a noble Faramir and I MOST definately did not expect to see Aragorn fall off a cliff for no apparent reason other than to get Arwen some more screen time. That said there was a lot that was good about this movie. I enjoyed Gandalfs fight with the Balrog, Gollum was incredible, Helms Deep except for the ending and the one too many shots of crying women and children was very well done. There is still hope? Why? I went to see it a second time knowing what was going to happen and I enjoyed it a lot more than the first. I have read some of the reviews so I will try not to repeat what has been said too much already about what is good and bad about the movie but – and isnt there always a but!- Some random thought from me about the movie.

I really didnt mind the Elves showing up at Helms Deep but I think it would have been good if they would have brought Aragorn Narsil – at least then they would have had a reason to be there.

When Galadriel is talking to Elrond she says about Frodo
“He knows the Quest will take his life.” This would have seen prophetic if they had ended the movie where the book ends with Frodo apparently dead from Shelob. If they would have cut out that terrible warg battle and tightened up the Arwen dream sequences I think it would have been a more effective ending. I mean come on Helms Deep has been won Saruman is beaten and then the ringbearer falls so it is all for naught. I would love to have seen if “Frodo Lives” would have showed up anywhere again like it did when the book came out.

Frodo ( at Osgiliath): ” I can’t do this”
Sam: ” I know, by all rights we shouldn’t even be here”
That has duel meaning for people who have read the book!
Faramir – what to say about him? It is sad that so far in the movies I like Borimir more than Faramir. If PJ had to have them go to Osgiliath I wish that he would have had Faramir save Frodo from the Nazgul instead of Sam. Doesnt he get struck by the Black Breath in the book? That would have been a perfect time for it and then Sam could have had his great line about showing his quality.

So is Peter Jackson Gandalf or Saruman? If he is Gandalf then
TTT is his fall into the pit at Moria and The Return of the King will his Gandalf the White. If he is Saruman then a shadow will cover all the lands in a second darkness. Less than a year to find out – There is still hope!


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