The Two Towers Review – How a fan saw it

by Dec 28, 2002Reviews

TTT [The Two Towers] is a movie experience, that will probably satisfy most of the fan audience as well as the audience that hasnt read any of the books..

It has a lot of action, a lot of battle [the battle of Helm’s Deep described in one word: ROCKS!], and a bit of romance..
The scenery is perfect -not that we expected something different, judging from the first part- and the actors are… doing their best I guess. The music by the way is atmospheric and powerful when needed… it just fits.

The Gollum-Smeagol is just perfect.. The graphic design, his character and his schizophrenic attitude, even his voice… Probably the best acting…

But… [there is always a “but”]

The point is, this is a movie based on Tolkien’s TTT or is it the Tolkien’s TTT movie, that continues the first part [not that the first part was completely true to the book].

I agree that we cant go by the book all the way. The director has to cut some scenes and change a bit some others, first in order to save some time [even now it is a 3 hour movie].

But I don’t understand why again the movie has to fall into the same mistake by adding unnecessary scenes of romance [see Aragorn and Arwen] that they appear in the 3rd book and only there, and also making Aragorn wind upon the battle with the Wolfriders just to make it more commercial… just to give it the usual Hollywood standards that a movie must have to succeed… Was that the first intention of the director? I think they have to make up their minds at last…
Cutting the unessesary scenes [Arwen and Aragorn, Aragorn go wounded and such stuff] the movie could save up to 20 mins… That means that more scenes from the book that were “slaughtered” could be there, or even the battle with Shelob, which i hope it was saved for the third part… You will notice many differences this time from the book…

I agree we have to cut some scenes from the book, but don’t add unnecessary false commercial scenes when you already have to cut down the original ones. Aren’t the filmakers sure for the success of the film and have to use such techniques to make it a “blockbuster”…

All in all, it is still a very nice movie, especially for the FAN… I don’t know though if the non-readers will be so much satisfied too..

..By the hand of a FAN


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