The Two Towers Review – 9.25 out of 10

by Dec 23, 2002Reviews

I thought the movie The Two Towers was great! I saw it on friday the 20th and the theater was packed with elderly fans(I went at 11:30a.m) It was so much fun to see so many generations seeing the same movie, especially because everyone enjoyed it!

I was also very happy to see that there were less 6yrs. and under children in attendence. Tolkien never intended this this series to be for young children, and when I went to the first one some little kids were crying and terrified. I even heard a little boy ask his mother if he could wait outside and have her tell him what happened when it was over!

About the movie itself, I thoroughly enjoyed it but I had a few bones to pick. I know that they had to slightly change a few things to make sure people understood the entire storyline (without making a 10 hour movie), and some of the changes I like. Arwen’s increased role is used, especially in The Two Towers, to really portray the fate of the Elves. I did not, however, like the changes to Frodo and Sam’s meeting with Faromir. They did not try to bring the Ring to Gondor in the book; Faromir declared in the waterfall cave that he would not make the same mistake as Boromir!
That change just rubbed me the wrong way.
I also thought that the ‘glorious amazing Gandalf the White’ was a bit overdone, but hey, that’s just my opinion!

I loved the amazing work of Weta WORKSHOP the Ents were amazing, and so was the battle of Helm’s Deep!

I also think that John Rhys Davies should get more attention for his excellent work and the sense of humor he brought to the movie both as Gimli and as Treebeard!

I recomend this movie to everyone mature enough to handle it!


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