The Two Towers – Review

by Dec 27, 2002Reviews

I feel that “The Two Towers” was a great movie. I am a Legolas fan, so everything he did I loved! The only thing I think that was wrong with the movie was that it did not add more parts about the king of Rohan wanting to die because he felt that there was no hope, like him lying down next to his sons tomb and telling the people to let him die there! I think that would have been a little amusing, well not amusing just make things look like it was more hopless, and to have the end come out in victory would have made the king less fearfull! It also lacked the part where the ents give Merry and Pippin the drinks that make the ents grow! that would have been cool! But other than those things I think it was great, I like how Legolas becomes close friends with Gimli, and how they have a contest on who can kill the most Orcs! I like all of Legolas parts (of course). I like that Gimli thinks he can take on anything! and the qoute “Toss me! Just don’t tell the elf” I thought that that was funny! Over all it was very good and stood close to the book!


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