The Two Towers Opening Review !!Spoiler!! – A Tolkien Fan’s thoughts on The Two Towers

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I just saw The Two Towers no more than 2 hours ago and loved it. I must say it is a bit different only because of the new places visited but is wonderfully done. In the begining, I liked how they back-tracked and showed Gandalf’s fight with the Balrog. I knew it was digital at that point but it was done great because it didn’t distract you from the action. The shift to the Uruk-hai and the last three of the fellowship following was stong. The Rohirrim were awesome; all the fight scenes were so cool and weren’t too gruesome and not too showy either. The overall acting was wonderfully portrayed although Frodo seemed over-the-top in certain scenes but Elijah did a great job playing a difficult character. Smeagol was cool. It was more humourous in parts than I expected but we all need a laugh here and there .

OK, the Ents. They were the coolest race besides the Elves in the books and they were beaten a little by the Elves in the movie. The Ents were done well graphics wise, but their speech irritated me a little. We must live in such a fast-paced world that creatures with so slow of speech annoy us. Or it could just be me . Overall though, the Ents rocked and especially in the destruction of Isengard. And when the Orcs were attacking the Ents with fire and what not, I felt sad cause they were being hurt.

The best battle, as most everyone expected I assume, was Helm’s Deep. There were so many Uruk-hai and Elves and…it was cool. The Enemy marching to the doors under shields and then revealing the battering ram was a nice touch. There was a lot of suspense in this scene because you have the attachment to Aragorn, which you think is dead, and Legolas and Gimli plus added humour which was good. Amazing how such a suspenseful scene you can laugh at because of Legolas and Gimli’s tournement. You hear “*whack* 19, *whack* 20, *whack* 21, *whack* 22…” from Gimli and you can’t help but laugh .

Of course there are always things they leave out of the books or add for that matter. I will list some as to the ones I coulds have done without. The whole love scene thing between Aragorn and Arwen is sweet but not needed. It adds too much fluff and too boot, they added and entire scene between Elrond, Arwen and Aragorn which I’ve never even considered. I don’t know if this is true, known or just made up but supposedly, Elrond tried to make Arwen leave into the west against her will at first. Either that was one thing I missed in my research or Jackson, the director, made a interesting addition. It did add pity to Arwen and Aragorn’s separation but seriously could have been cut.

Another thing that Jackson played with was rearranging characters and events which some worked but the major one in Helms Deep was really irritating. OK, instead of Gandalf riding in on ShadowFax with the Hurons behind him they had the Rohirrim and Eomer riding which is quite contrary to the book. They also mentioned nothing, not even in a voiceover, about Anduril the Legendary Blade remade. Thats a dang cool sword and they didn’t even mention it. I understand that not everything can be kept but if they can afford to add entire scenes, they could have atleast had a small 15 second blurb about Anduril! geez…anyways…

I think I have covered just about everything I liked and dislike about the Film, hope its not too long . In closing, The Two Towers is a wonderfully done film with great acting and honesty that both Veteran Tolkien Fans/Readers and General Fantasy Movie goers will enjoy, and I must stress, although it should be a given, that little ones would be scared by the horrific Orcs and battle scenes so I would say anyone over 11-12 would be able to handle it (but use parental common sense parents ) A must see and when you do see it, hope you like it as much as I did.

Cuio Mae *live well*


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