The Two Towers is Towering Entertainment – A review.

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

I just got home from seeing the Two Towers and I am amazed at several things. First, Gollum. Gollum could not have been created any better. The graphics were superb and Andy Serkis’ performance was Oscar worthy.

Second, Battle of Helm’s Deep was staged beatifully. For me, the computer generated Uruk-hai could not be distinguished from the real people.

There were some things I wished were in the film such as the Huorns at the Battle of Helm’s Deep, but one can not film a book as great as Lord of the Rings perfectly.

Peter Jackson has created a masterpiece film. One can only hope that Return of the King will be the greatest of the trilogy. The Battle of Helm’s Deep was perfect, one now wonders of the Battle of the Pelennor Fields and of the Siege of Gondor and last but not least, Shelob. Only 364 days to go and counting. I will be first in line as I was for this film.


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