The Two Towers is Even better! – PJ, congratulations! You did one heck of a job again!

by Dec 18, 2002Reviews

After being refreshed (if you can call so if you’ve already seen the Fellowship twelve times) with the first movie, on midnight The Two Towers begun in our little Dutch village. You could sense on the silince and pressure in the place that only the real fans were there. From the opening scene, Gandalf fighting the Balrog in his fall, I was trilled. Fantastic. For my feeling Frodo and Sam met Gollum very quick. What about Gollum? If there were any questions wheter he’s an obviously clear computer creature I have to answer NO. I was afraid Gollum would be like Ice Age or something. He really seemed to be there, ofcourse Andy Serkis was there–by the way, my compliment for the voice, the ‘Gollum Gollum’ parts are lovely!

Merry and Pippin are playing fantastic. Gimli has always been my favorite long before I knew there was coming a film I felt in love with the dwarf ‘no-one trust an elf!’ Great! I’m not loosing this from a pointear (helmsdeep). When he told Aragorn to throw him I felt the adrenaline going quicker. Promise me you’ll never tell an elf! When I saw Gimli stand in the middle of the elfs I hoped some dwarfs where coming to. But for that I’m afraid w’ll have to wait until PJ wants to forfilm The Hobbith.

Enough of the dwarves you’ll think. So another part that’s so great. The moment Eomer rides past Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli with his army. The three companions are closed in, and Eomer asks there names. Gimli gives an rude answer, and Eomer threatens Gimli. Legolas on that draws with an elf quickness a arrow on his bow telling Eomer that he would die before give a sign to kill Gimli. The friendship grows greater and greater.

From the point where those three meet Gandalf the White the film follow the book quit precisely. Until Aragorn disappears in a Warg fight. He’s found back at the riverside by his horse and brought back to helmsdeep.

The preparations of the great battle at Helms Deep begin. Elrond and Galadriel decide to send some help earlier in the film, and Haldir of Lorien arrives. The battle in itself is indescribable. And therefore I will not try. Most likely only Tolkien himself could ever do it. That part you just have to see yourself.

The last thing I want to share with you are the Ents. Magnificent! Treebeard (John Rhys-Davies voice is perfect) looks how I imagined him. In my opinion this second film is even better than the first, everyone has to see it.

Greetings from Holland


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