The Two Towers Fall – A Review

by Dec 26, 2002Reviews

Its time for hard-core LOTR fans to simply accept the fact that that Peter Jackson’s movies are not telling the same story as J.R.R.Tolkien’s books did. Many folks are ranting, raving, disappointed and sad about this. More, however, are fine with the script.

Jackson has found it acceptable to add new scenes, change plot lines, and even change characters’ personal qualities.
So be it. All of this should have been expected.

This is Hollywood. There simply HAS to be a female love interest. There HAS to be unneccessary violence and gratuitous heroism. Not only that-the Two Towers is supposed to stand on its own as a film without the help of the other 2 movies as bookends. The general public demands all of this in a movie, or so we’re told. Therefore, if any story is lacking in the necessary “gems” of Hollywood’s checklist, they will be altered and the film made more marketable. Nevermind that millions have read and loved the original stories for decades. We now see standard action flicks replacing real, solid storytelling.

The Two Towers was, in truth, a segue of a book with exciting parts thrown in at necessary junctures. However, it can be argued that it is the best of the three books. It is, in many ways, long on talk, short on action. It was written for character development. It was intended to show the lengthy, hard-biting process of trudging across a hostile landscape. It was written to put key elements into place, setting up the final battles.

This movie is a compromise to Hollywood and arrives as a poor telling of a great story. Important elemants have been deleted or changed. Perhaps it was too hard to tell the real story, or perhaps the movie-makers thought they could improve on it. I disagree on both counts.

A great screen adaptation of the LOTR has been awaited for some time, and we are still waiting.


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